This makes me smile….

Well…after I just stopped laughing, I thought I’d do a shorty on the idiot trump’s non-invitation to Barbara Bush’s funeral….can you imagine how terrible a person has to be to have the Bushs not want them around? I can’t remember when a sitting president was pointedly not invited to what is essentially a state funeral…and I’m an old guy…but, it happened here…and in no uncertain terms, too, basically saying stay the hell away from us….and idiot boy tried to spin it into “I didn’t want to go anyway” saying that him being there would have been a “distraction” and his secret service protection would have been in the way…yeah, that’s a lie, too, since the Obamas, the Clintons and even Melania was there along with the Bushs who still get SS protection, too….all I know is that having the moron in chief snubbed like this makes me smile…a lot….impeach…

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