May 29th

Well….running a little early today with getting up at 6:05…and that made me laugh…if you know Steely Dan, you’ll know the significance of that time…slept okay last night and don’t feel too badly this morning…just a little slow waiting for the coffee to start working…my back has been a little hinky the past couple of days and I am going to work on getting it to release later this morning…I am still a little geeked that I am getting my second credit card in a week or so and the credit repair moves forward….can’t believe the deal they offered but I’ll take it…not even any interest until August of next year….I may be having lunch with T today if she feels good enough to do it….I worry about her sometimes….not much to do today…the normal stuff and an errand, and then lunch but that will be about it for the day….more later…I’ll get back to politics today if I can come up with a topic…

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