May 30th

Well…running early today with getting up at 6 again…that seems to be settling in as the new normal and I’m okay with that…but, I may have to reset the timer on the coffee maker so it will be ready when I get up…had a pretty nice day yesterday with getting out to have a couple with T and having the top down over and back…always fun conversation, too….slept okay last night and don’t feel too badly this morning but haven’t gotten the back to crack yet and that hurts a little…the bugs are invading this place and I’ll need to spray for them today….huge ants and lots of spiders and that is just annoying….I did get a nice bike ride in yesterday with no shortness of breath so that is a relief…was a little concerned with how I felt on the bike Monday but I guess it was just a passing thing….not much to do today…might run an errand this morning or I might not…not sure yet…and I do have some fish to cook so that will give me something to do…more later…

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