June 17th

Well…running a little late today but what is late? Slept okay last night but no dreams again and that is annoying…but, I feel okay today so I guess that’s something…it is SO humid right now that I have everything open and I am already sweating…it is going to be brutal on the bike in a few minutes but I like the heat so I can live with it….had a nice day yesterday and got the ride in between the rain and it looks like no rain today so it will be a long one….didn’t get much done yesterday and today will be the same with Mexico and Germany playing in the world cup at 11…still watching the 24 hours of LeMans and it was cool that the whole race was on Velocity…not sure if I’ll do much today…it’s supposed to be 95 degrees today and it may be the first day of the year that I put the air on….more later….

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