Having some problems…

Well…no, nothing really serious…even with everything that is going on in the world, I just am having some problems figuring out a topic for today…and that started yesterday as you can see. Oh, okay…let’s talk about the world cup…have been watching quite a few of the games and there have been a lot of surprises…my adopted team from Mexico beat the Germans yesterday and that was not supposed to happen…the Germans looked slow and like they had no ideas how to cope with Mexico’s fast break and energetic defense that challenged every ball for the entire 90 minutes…I’ll surely be rooting for them the rest of the tournament. Another big surprise was when another favorite, Argentina, was tied by Iceland…yep, you heard that right, Iceland tied the powerhouse Argentina and Messi looked pretty ordinary for the best player in soccer…I am a little disappointed that England is playing this aft just when I’ll be shooting pool but they may have a replay somewhere later so I’ll have to look for that…okay, Belgium and Panama is almost ready to start so I’ll end here and try to find something political to write about later….

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