Last one for the month…

Well…didn’t really need to come back for another one today since I am quite a bit over for the month but I am really bored so I thought I’d noodle for a bit and see what happens….need some more water first….okay, I’m back….I did get a couple of errands run this morning….had to go to Target to get a few pairs of cut down socks that I needed for riding the bike to help get ride of the biker tan around my ankles that came from the normal crew socks that I push down to make as small as possible…got 6 pairs of padded black ones for 10 bucks so that was a good deal…and I ran out of some food staples that I need for meals tomorrow, so I stopped at Meijers for that stuff and now I have some good potatoes to have with chicken tomorrow…the old ones had turned to liquid inside the skins and that is just too gross to think about….I am going to go over to daily deals tomorrow to get boneless/skinless chicken breasts for 99 cents a pound and that is another good deal…will probably get new wiper blades for the car at Menards, too since they are just around the corner from daily deals…was supposed to go out for a couple with G today but haven’t heard from her so I guess I’ll save some money and hang out here…okay, I could go on with this for a while but you’re probably as bored as I am so I’ll stop here….

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