Are all repubs morons?

Well…you know, every time I hear a repub talk one question pops into my head: “are all repubs morons?” Just over the weekend, the majority leader of the house, Kevin McCarthy, went off on a rant that twitter is censoring conservatives and he was going to haul the ceo in to testify before the house and explain why…only one little problem with that….the moron doesn’t understand how to use the settings on twitter and had them set to the under 18 setting which filters most political speech out since it can get pretty nasty. Even when it was explained to him by tens of thousands of twitter users, ole Kevin didn’t respond or change the filters…but just kept on with what I guess is this weeks talking point that the mean liberal social media sites are “censoring” conservatives and is still saying he wants to have the ceo’s of all of the social media companies come in and explain themselves…maybe one of those people will be able to explain to the idiot Kevin how to use the sites…he’s obviously not too bright so that may be a stretch….

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