September 22nd

Well…running on time today with getting up at 6:30…but, it took me a few minutes to get my coffee poured and read a little news and then get here…I am amazed how well I’m sleeping lately…okay, well for me, that is, and I feel pretty good today…have been running out of steam quite early, though, and have been going to bed before 11…doesn’t seem to make a difference in when I get up but I’ll take any improvement….I am still sore from walking the bike back with a flat the other day and I may have to take something for it later….have been able to get my BP consistently below 120 over the past few days so I am no longer worried about it too much…especially since I know it fluctuates throughout the day and can move by 30 points or more…and I found a power supply from an old Roku that works with my BP machine so that was cool…I did get some cleaning done yesterday and today will be the same with vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen floor…but then there is soccer, football, and racing on so I may be a little busy from that…and, with Man U playing at 10, I need to get out on the bike by 8:30 but that’s no problem with being ready now…just waiting for it to get light…kind of cold out there but I can still wear shorts so I’m good with that….more later…

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