March 18th

Well…I really, really don’t like 5:34…I like 4:34 even less but today at least I got past 5…I suppose that’s something…slept okay last night and there was progress with my shoulder again and I have no pain at all right now for the first time since I hurt it back in December….okay…nope, it still hurts….I died sleep on it last night and it didn’t wake me ups so I guess that’s something…and I feel like I’ve said that before…exactly the same way…hmmmm….didn’t get a lot done yesterday with sports starting at 6 am and continuing through most of the day but I didn’t get a nap in and I should have….have some stomach problems yesterday for the fist time in quite a while and I think it was from not eating enough…only had two pieces of leftover pizza and a salad for the entire day yesterday and I am already feeling that this morning….but, I didn’t ride the bike and that is necessary on off days to balance out the calorie intake and use…I will make up for that today with two rides and a workout so I think I can avoid feeling guilty….and it looks like I’ll be back on the trails tomorrow if the temp gets to what’s forecast….not going to move the computer pickup yet, though…I’ll need to recon the trails to see if there is still ice from the snowmelt first before I put the trainer away for the spring….more later…

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