April 30th

Well…not sure how I want to start this one today…it’s the end of the month and another month that I made the goal of two a day but I have been doing that for years now so that’s not really any accomplishment…hmmm…I did sleep pretty crappy last night if that’s a way to start…but, I don’t feel too bad so I guess I can live with that…and taking the day off the bike really helped my legs and feet…not too sore today but I do have an overall stiffness that is probably that I’m just getting old and will have to live with that…I did work on the bike yesterday trying to get the oil and crud out of the shifter and sprockets and did get some of it out but without some high pressure water, there is just so much I can do…I did re lube the shifter and chain after I finished since I noticed that the chain is showing some wear and will probably have to be replaced soon….I am hoping to get out on the bike later today but may have lunch with T so that will make it quite late and maybe warm enough…I just hate the cold lately and I refuse to go back to long pants and gloves…it is almost May after all…I haven’t even gotten into shorts yet this year and it looks like that is going to wait a while yet…not much to do today…just going to ease into the day and have more coffee…I am going to buy some eggs for the first time this year since my daily deals store has extra large ones for 79 cents a dozen…I know I shouldn’t eat them since they will probably kill me but I do miss making omelets and having them sunny side up with toast….more later….

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