January 11th

Well…sitting here waiting for the power to go out and thought I’d better get one of these done before it happens….haven’t had an ice storm since I moved in here so I’m not sure how fragile the power supply is yet but I guess I’ll find out later today and into tomorrow….I sure hope it only last a day or so…going to get my warm clothes ready just in case and make sure my backup batteries for the phone are charged….if it’s a long outage, I may have to buy a generator for the next one….oh, well….slept really crappy last night and I think it might be from having cocktails last night and I don’t think I’ll do that anymore…just is no fun so what’s the point? I did get out for a long bike ride yesterday but it will be the last one for the winter it appears…with all the rain, the trail will be flooded for weeks…I may be able to get out and ride the streets but I washed the bike to get it ready to put on the trainer and don’t want to get it dirty again…didn’t get much done yesterday but with no bike ride today, I really should get some work done today…but, I’m going to start the day with more coffee and some soccer first….more later…

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