January 14th

Well…cripes that was a crappy night of sleep and I was up and down all night….the congestion in my lungs is finally starting to break and that made me cough all night but I can feel it’s getting better so that is good news but I’m sitting here sweating and that is tough to do with it 65 in here….so I’m wondering where this is going…feel okay but I think most of that is from being good last night and I know that will continue at least until Friday….I did get out for a bike ride yesterday but it was a lot of work with the trails being snow covered and having to pay way too much attention…couldn’t go much over 9 mph but I still got almost 8 miles in and I’m hoping that the the trails will be a little more clear today and tomorrow…but, it is going to get cold starting thurs so I do need to decide whether to put the bike on the trainer…it looks like I’ll get to 100 miles before that happens so that is cool….didn’t get much done yesterday but some work downstairs and I am trying to not feel guilty while I feel crappy…but that’s tougher than it looks with the weeks going by…I’ve been here three months and the progress has slowed to a crawl….I do need to start to get a project list together so I’ll be ready for spring and to make sure that everything will be done in here before then….not much to do today…I’m going to take it easy to see how the lungs hold up to start but I am going to get out on the bike around 10 and see if I can break more of the congestion up….and I need to clean before I run the instant pot for lunch….more later….

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