June 1st

Well…running late this morning and it’s because I just can’t get going…don’t feel all that bad but just have no energy…and I’m on the first cup of coffee and that doesn’t help either….slept okay…for me last night but was still up before 6 and that is getting old…okay, that’s enough of the whining…have been down a little lately but I am going to stop that today….I think I did save a couple of sunflowers that had been knocked over yesterday by putting up some support sticks and tying them to the sticks…we’ll see….and I got the rest of the cherry tomatoes planted and will do all of the rest of the stuff that is downstairs today….I think I just need to give up and go with whatever plants survive…I did get my new hose yesterday and now I have enough to reach the entire yard but that was an ordeal….I had to play Amazon delivery guy since the one who delivered here mixed up the address here and across the street but I was able to just trade the packages so that worked out…and my bike lube is coming wed so I can get everything lubed up and stop using the oil that makes a mess…didn’t get much else done yesterday other than the bike rides and cleaning but I do have a nice clean house and that make me happy…I do have to start planning the rest of the outdoor work on the house so I can finish it up this month….but not today…I am going to just do garden work today after the first bike ride but that won’t happen until after 9…it needs to warm up some before I I head out since it is still in the 40′s and I don’t want to be cold anymore….more later…

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