June 2nd

Well…damn…my ribs hurt again today after nothing at all yesterday afternoon and that resulted in a 5:01 morning this morning….and my damn eyelid infection is driving me nuts…I get one of those about once a year and it takes a couple of weeks to heal it but it is so damn annoying while I wait…okay, not going to bitch anymore today…had a nice afternoon yesterday with T coming over for a chat and a tour of the house….she’s was only the second person to see the house with the majority of it done and it made me feel good that she recognized how much work has been done by this old guy…I did get the rest of my sprouted veggies planted yesterday and T laughed about how many tomato plants I have…but I had to brute force plant since I have been losing quite a few to some damn animal and to the clay in the soil that I didn’t condition enough before planting…I do hope I can get some more green peppers to sprout since I only have two that have survived and they aren’t looking too good…cripes…just started sneezing from allergies and that hurts the ribs like crazy….will probably need to take something for it today with the “pollen bomb” that has been blaring over the news happens after the wet weather we had last week….not much to do today…going to get out on the bike here in a few minutes since it is already almost 70 outside at 6:17 but I have all day so I think I may relax a little first and have more coffee….it seems like I’m always in a hurry when I really have no place to be and little to do….need to work on that…I may just take a week off here and just enjoy what I’ve done so far…might even lay out in the sun to start to even out the biker’s tan…I have beer and that might be a thing for taking it easy….more later….

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