July 9th

Well….another 3:40 morning today and that has left me a little worn out already…I did get back to sleep until almost 6 but I had the lost car dream again which was really weird until I figured out it was just a dream and woke up…my toe has a little twinge of pain in it this morning but I think that’s from having pressure on it when I was in bed and I hope it will work out as the day goes on….I am really getting disappointed with the yield from my gardens this year since it looks like my beans are already done producing fruit with only two meals out of the 5 plants I have….they were supposed to produce fruit all summer and that is pretty disappointing…and that goes for the green peppers and jalpenos….didn’t get one green pepper and the jalpenos appear to be done too with only about a dozen of them off 7 plants….the tomatoes don’t look much better and all the work of getting them in downstairs to push for ripe ones by the end of July seems to be a bust…I’m pretty sure I didn’t prep the soil enough and will do better when I get my own house….I do have one of the squirrel planted sunflowers that is blooming out front and that makes me a little happy and the rest of the flowers I planted out front bloomed too so that is cool…didn’t get a lot done yesterday and it looks like I won’t do much today with Man U playing this afternoon and the possibility of storms around 1 or so…I do need to run out and get some more food for the gardens since I’m out and barely had enough to feed yesterday…that may have something to do with the disappointing gardens…I should clean some but, with this heat, the bike rides are taking everything out of me and I don’t have much left to do anything…more later…

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