July 28th

Well…another morning of getting up at 3:37 and I’m pretty damn tired…but, my foot doesn’t hurt at all and the swelling is improved too so I’ll take that…it feels weird to be able to walk without pain but everything else hurts but I guess small progress is all I can hope for right now…yeah, I know, I could take something for it but you know how much I avoid that since I do like to have working kidneys….and I know part of the pain is from pulling all of the crab grass out of the back yard and the abuse that it did to my thumb…and I really expected to hurt worse from all of the bending over but I think it helped stretch my hamstrings and that helps on the bike…I did do the full 36 miles yesterday even though I’ve been trying to convince myself to take a day off but the weather didn’t cooperate by giving me an excuse….so that means I’ll need to rig up my sprayer for the front yard today so I don’t lose it to the heat and drought…I think I figured out what was wrong with the receiver on the garage door not having any power…just some corroded wires that I cleaned up and it has been working fine for the past two weeks…but that means the new receiver that I ordered from depot has to be returned and it just got here and I haven’t even picked it up yet…I wonder how that is going to go? Not going to spend 37 bucks for nothing, though…not much to do today…I am going to test out my foot on a ladder out front today to get some grout repair done and start working on the last of the trim around the front porch and maybe even start prepping the gutters on the garage to paint them…the weather is going to be a little cooler so I need to take advantage of it….more later….

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