August 1st

Well…not going to talk about how crappy my sleep was last night since it depresses me to think just how bad it is…I did have to take some allergy meds last night since I couldn’t stop sneezing and that is making for being able to breathe this morning and I appreciate that…and I don’t really feel that bad today…just the normal aches and pains but my butt is starting to wear out with all the riding and I have had to move around in the seat the last week or so just to tolerate it and I may just need to take a day off to let it heal up some…oh, I did just go past 3400 miles yesterday so that is more than 2/3 of the way to my 5000 mile goal for the year…I was a little disappointed that my rear tire only lasted 3,000 milesĀ  before coming apart but I have one of the hard ones on now that I hope will last the rest of the year…I am going to see if I can find a spare locally or get one ordered so I’ll have one in reserve…I could take the front off the old bike if I need it but I want to keep that intact so I can get it repaired…didn’t get much done yesterday but I am going to paint the trim on the front of the house today to get that off the list…and I may try to clean the copper trim around the porch too, but that will depend on how my foot fares….not much to do today…I may lay out in the sun again to try to even out my biker tan and continue getting some color but we’ll see how the day goes….more later…

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