Got a bike ride in…

Well…have been trying to find a topic in politics to write about today with no luck so I think I’ll talk about this….I got a bike ride in today for the first time in three days and it felt good to get out and get some fresh air…but it was only 42 degrees when I went at 11:30 and that is borderline for going out in just my riding gloves…but the sun was shining and it was clear when I left but that turned into a cloudy day and I was freezing by the time I got back here and haven’t been able to get warm since….I think I’ll have to start thinking about my winter hat and full gloves if I go out tomorrow….my lungs were okay for the entire ride but I’m back to coughing and wheezing again but I think I’m better than yesterday….we’ll see how the rest of the day goes…I did make chili this morning and it came out pretty good once I remembered that using my tomatoes meant that I would have to add more brown sugar than I normally do to tamp the bitterness down…and I put a little frank’s in, too, and that brought it to life…I even got the chicken in the brine but had to use my big roaster since the chicken was too big to fit in a gallon bag…it’s almost 7 pounds and that’s a pretty damn big chicken….so that will keep me fed for a week and at 79cents a pound, it’s a pretty good deal….maybe more later….

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