February 19th

Well…damn, I’m tired this morning…didn’t sleep at all last night and feel like crap right now and I’m just getting to the first cup of coffee so that is going to take a while to help…at least I’m not too sore today but I am going to aggravate that later with a run out to the house and starting on the snow removal…not closing until Tuesday but I don’t think they’ll mind if I get the walks cleared so I can start moving Tuesday….instead of waiting to do the snow until then…but, I’m not in any hurry to get going since I have all day and that’s the only thing I have to do all day…other than pack that is…I already have 9 totes filled and three more to go but I’ll have those done this weekend….and then it will be two trips a day starting Tuesday….got the bathroom and my tools packed yesterday and I need to organize the garage here to make sure I get my stuff out of there…did I mention I’m tired? Not much to do today….just the snow removal and then back here to watch some soccer and pack the living room….more later…

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