February 20th

Well…damn, another 5:21 morning and it is starting to sound like a broken record…and I feel pretty slow today and think I’m going to have to depend on the coffee to jump start me…at least I’m not sore…or not too sore since I didn’t have to shovel snow here or at the new place yesterday and that really helped my right elbow…it has been hurting like crazy with all of the pounding it has been taking while shoveling….I did get theĀ  word that Tuesday is the set closing day at 9am and then I’m running out to the house to get my keys and take a load of clothes and a bike out there and start cleaning….and I still have packing to do here over the weekend but were getting close to being ready to move…have two more totes to fill and then I’ll have to empty a couple out at the house to get the rest of the stuff…but I have two weeks after next Sat to clean this place up and move the rest of my clothes….but, right now, I am going to have coffee and watch some soccer before I get started packing…..more later…

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