February 21st

Well…damn, I’m just so tired of being cold…haven’t been able to warm up for weeks and I am also tired of being under a blanket all the time….after living here in Michigan my whole life I’d be used to it…but this seems to be a new development over the past year or so…I know I keep this place pretty cold at 65 degrees, but at 65 degrees in the spring, I’m outside in shorts and a t-shirt and I’m sweating on the bike…I wonder if the cold is cumulative? Got a lot done for the move yesterday and I think I’ll do a little more today that will get me to the point where I’m ready for the big stuff to be moved Sat….I do have to go out and get a cashier’s check for 35K tomorrow for the down payment on the house so I can close Tuesday…finally…and then it’s wide open until Saturday night…it looks like I won’t have internet for a few days since my starter kit from Comcast got lost by UPS and I think they are going to lose the second one that is supposed to be delivered tomorrow at the new house…so I’ll be on the phone Tuesday afternoon and then out to the local Comcast office to see what I can do…that is the only problem I see in the move…just hope it doesn’t snow much this week so I can get the truck in the back yard…still need to shovel out the garage door this week….not much to do today…just packing later but right now I need coffee and to read the news…don’t feel too hot with not taking any allergy meds and breathing in all the dust…ans till not sleeping at all….more later…

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