The Supreme court has a sad….

Well…you would think that stealing 3 seats and putting unqualified partisans on the SC would make them more popular, wouldn’t you? And overturning Roe in the Texas case should make them more popular shouldn’t it? Not following 50 years of settled law should also make them more popular shouldn’t it? Okay, pretty obvious sarcasm there and that leads up to the latest poll on whether Americans think the SC is doing it’s job as it’s supposed to and only 37% of Americans think so…and over 60% think the court has gone to far to the right and are letting their political views color their decisions….but, that is the court McConnell stole and it really is in danger of completely destroying any moral authority they used to have…and now Amy Barrett shows how tone deaf she is by downplaying the justices personal biases while giving a speech at Louisville’s McConnell center after being introduced by McConnell himself to a swooning crowd of McConnell donors…this isn’t even a court anymore…it’s more of a wing of the repub party that can’t win elections without cheating and who packed the courts with cheating…I wonder why people think the court is illegitimate? geez…

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