September 17th

Well…running really late this morning with not getting up til 7:20 and that is sleeping in for me….and probably a result of the two rides and washing the back of the house yesterday…worked my butt off and was pretty worn out….and it’s almost 8 and I have just started my first cup of coffee so it is going to take a while to get moving today….still hurt almost everywhere this morning and it was so bad yesterday that I did have to take an ibuprofen during the day and another one last night so I could sleep…and I think I’ll take another one before I get on the bike this morning….I did get the grey bike close to being like new after I threw all the parts at it and it is so nice to have the full suspension again…it is so strange that just 4 inches of travel in it makes such a big difference…I don’t know how people ride non suspended bikes….I wonder if I’ll ever take the road bike out again with the thin tires that have to be filled to 60 psi? That thing just rattles my body on the bumps……I was going to run an errand this morning since my potatoes are rotten but I just don’t feel like it…I can wait til next wed…have plenty of food here and I’ll just have to find something else to eat….not much to do today….just the rides and some cleaning but that will wait a while until I have more coffee and read the news…thinking about mowing the lawn again today but it may wait til Monday….we’ll see…more later….

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