December 2nd

Well…my damn phone woke me up this morning and I may have been able to get to 7 or so…but I guess I’ll take 6:32…that’s not bad so I can live with it….I was really hoping to ride outside today since it is already almost 50 out there but the wind is blowing  20 and that is a bit much for me….so, I wonder if I should just wash the outdoor bike and put it in the basement? Not sure yet….I guess it wouldn’t hurt to wait a bit….my hip is still sore and it has hurt my whole life so I guess I shouldn’t hope for it to get better…..same for my right shoulder…and I am getting fatigued from it…oh, well….didn’t get much done yesterday but cooking and riding the bike downstairs and I now have enough leftovers so I won’t have to cook for about a week… looks like we’re going to have at least half of December without any big snow storms so I am going to wait to put the snowies on the car for a while….I did try to use some stripper on the floor in the spare bedroom but it’s about 40 years old that I brought from the Valley house and didn’t work too well…even with that, most of the glue came up in two spots so I think I may just get a gallon of new stuff for 25 bucks or so and see if the floors are salvageable….will start working on the walls in there next week….I may make that one my bedroom since it is a lot bigger than the one I’m using….not much to do today….I should go out and get color chips for the interior painting but I’m not sure if I will…just don’t feel like it right now and it can wait til next week….I think I may need to cut back to a thousand calories or so with only riding once a day since I feel like I’ve gained a bunch of weight already….this is going to be a fight all winter and I’m tired of the fight already….can I take one day off and eat what I want? Nope…never have, never will….more later….

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