Found a good car wash..

Well…damn, have been busy since 7 this morning when I got on the bike…and one of the cool things that happened was that I found a good car wash to keep the salt off the car…lots of pressure and soap but it is 2 bucks per run so it costs me 4 bucks to do a wash…and it was not busy at all with three open stalls…and they had dollar changers that worked….and it was clean and well lit so that was cool…after I got back here, I got started on the kitchen cabinets and got one set sanded and filled and then gave up since my thumb is really hurting after all of the sanding…and they were in such poor shape that I used a half a tub of filler so I’ll need to get more on the grocery run wed to finish up the kitchen…I probably won’t be ready to do the final sanding until next week since it is taking me longer than I thought…so I won’t get to painting, either, and I still haven’t even started on doors and I think that will take 10 days or so to do them…and I still need to find hardware for them since I want to use black hinges and pulls but I want to see them in person…not buy them online but depot and Menards doesn’t stock any of them…what a pain…

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