August 11th

Well…dang, I wonder why I’ve fallen into the pattern of waking up a little after one and then up for good around 5…this morning I looked at my phone and thought it was 6:08 when it was really 5:08 so I climbed back into bed until a little after 6 and I may have even slept a little…but, I feel okay so I guess I can live with it….yesterday was not productive at all and I think I’m okay with that…I did get out to the beach for a swim and the water is still nice but I can feel the end of summer coming….and the work will start up again here in a couple of weeks and I think I’m ready for that….but it was nice to have some time off for the first time in my life and I’ll do the same next summer….DD has smoked sausage on sale of 11 pounds for only 13 bucks but who the heck needs 11 pounds of smoked sausage? I like it but it’s not good for me so I think I’ll pass on that one….I do have to get my calorie intake up since yesterday was an under 1K day…only had a small bowl of pasta salad for lunch and a pork chop with green beans from my garden but that’s not enough….I am going to do better today with getting after a couple of ripe tomatoes I have in the fridge and I am going to make some potato salad later so I think I can get to 1500 today…yeah, right…I like losing weight and want to get down to 170 by the end of summer….and I’m on my 4th day of being good at night so that helps….not much to do today….just going to have coffee and get on the bike here in a minute but it’s still a little dark out there…I did have a laugh yesterday when people were lined up all along the trail waiting to get in the “christian” music festival at heritage…I would wait in line for some groups and I have done an overnight in Chicago to get tickets to Led Zeppelin but you know me with anything religious…to each his own I guess….more later….

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