Everything done by 1…

Well…it was another busy morning today with being busy the whole time and not getting done until around 1…started it out by hand washing the car at the car wash and then running over to Meijers to get some stuff I forgot Wed…back here to do two rides and then make lunch and clean up afterwards…took a little bit of time off before I made a light dinner of pasta and garlic bread…it was supposed to rain all day today but the sun is shining right now…thought about going for an outdoor ride but it’s only 41 out there and I just don’t want to be cold….maybe tomorrow….there is finally too much stuff to watch on tv tonight with having 3 shows on netflix and a new one that came out today that looks good that I’m going to start the night with that at 7 and then get into “Picard” and “The Mandolorian”…still have”Ted Lasso” in the queue but that will probably be tomorrow…I’m waiting for my new bluetooth earbuds to come so I can use them on the bike tomorrow…not sure what I’m expecting at 20 bucks but they got good reviews for the sound so I’ll keep my fingers crossed….

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