June 2nd

Well…I think I’ve hit a wall this morning after being on the bike for 30 miles a day for almost a month now…feel so worn out that I’m thinking of taking the day off today…I need to go out and run an errand this morning to get a new garden hose since one of mine now has 5 leaks in it and I am tired of getting wet using it…I did notice that a couple of bean plants have flowers on them but they are only 6 inches tall so the beans are going to be pretty small…everything is just stunted other than the radishes….it was damn hot yesterday and I did get a little color at the beach but that means my right foot is a little swollen and pink…so I need to keep it raised a bit…it is going to be hot again today and tomorrow but it looks like we may get some rain tomorrow and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that…will probably go out and stand in it if it does….need to figure out what the second meal is going to be today..DD has stuff on sale that I want but I have no room in the freezer…I guess I should use some of the stuff in there first…not much to do today…just need to run the errand but I sure don’t feel like it right now…and I need to do the bike rides…crap, too much to do…at least it was cool enough to not put the AC unit in the window….more later…

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