October 3rd

Well…..it seems I’m back to my normal sleep pattern of getting up once overnight at 4 am and having problems getting back to sleep after that…but, at least I’ve met the rehab goals of being able to not go for over 5 hours at a stretch and there may still be some small improvements coming over the next few months…I hope…sore as heck this morning but I think that is going to be normal for the next 5 days as we continue to walk almost 10 miles a day…going to make a day trip to Glasgow this morning and it looks like rain off and onĀ  there all day and there is a new free transport museum that I would like to see if it is within walking distance…and there are some cool art deco buildings that I would like to see…other than that, I don’t think there are any forts but every city here has a cathedral or 7 and we may spend some time looking at those…then just wandering around for a bit….more later…

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