October 4th

Well.ward to..up at o dark thirty this morning to be ready to head for the airportĀ  at 6:50…up at about 5:15 to get the rest of my stuff packed and get a shower before we head out…last travel until we go back to the states Sunday and I am looking forward to seeing Ireland…or the part where we are going to be…we do have a half day tour into the country so that should be cool and we have a walking tour of Dublin that should be cool…it’s been fun here in Edinburgh being right under the castle and right in downtown…we are aroundĀ  the corner from the oldest market in Scotland that has been in continuous use and in the same shape since the 1100′s and that is pretty cool…but now we’re down to the last four days and I am struggling trying to fix it all in my memory…glad I took lots of photos so I can go back through them to jog my memory…I need to get over to Mastodon to do my morning update so I’ll end here….more later…

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