March 4th

Well…slept okay last night but I still feel worn out and I guess that’s how I’m going to feel now…cutting back on the salt from the pretzels has had an effect and I’m starting to shed the retained water from it…my right foot is almost back to normal size and my hands are almost back to normal, too….it’s going to be a busy day today with trying to get three rides in, washing the car, and having to cook two meals today…going to grill some brats for lunch and make some chicken tenderloins with onion rings…and yes, I do know that is bad for me but I need to get some stuff out of the freezer….ad I need to cut up some carrots and celery for snacks…I do have some nice broccoli in the fridge that I need to steam but that will be for tomorrow but I’m not sure what goes with it…and I have a head of lettuce for salads so I have plenty of food for the week….have figured out that if I add some horseradish sauce to ranch dressing, it makes a good dip so I’m going to try that as a dressing for the salads…adds a nice little bite to the dressing….not much to do today…need to get moving here in 20 minutes and get on the bike but I need more coffee first….more later…

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