Delusions on the right…..

Well…in some of the reporting today, it appears that one of the greatest sticking points in this whole debt debate for the righties is they won’t agree to anything unless there is a constitutional amendment to balance the budget included in any deal…even though this “cut, cap, and balance” plan passed the house, both the senate and Obama have said that this legislation is dead on arrival in either the senate or the president’s desk. Even if this absurd amendment to the constitution were to pass both houses with the required 2/3 majority, it still has to go to the states for ratification; a process that will take years and that has about as much chance to pass as a return to prohibition. So, these idiots want to put the entire US economy on hold while they live their delusions that they never have to compromise and should get everything they want even though the majority of America does not agree with them? Even John McCain has called out these morons on the delusional state of their thinking….but that is what you get America when you believe anything the right tells you…..and I agree with McCain when he says the tea party folks are lying to the country when they say that their agenda is even possible….I’m not sure if the lie is deliberate or if they are just so ignorant of how the founders wanted the government to work that they think a minority in one house can set the entire agenda for the country…doesn’t work that way…

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