July 28th

Well…an okay night last night but didn’t do a whole lot…I was quite good so I feel okay even though the sleep was pretty crappy….I did get a response form the Washington Post and will be taking part in their series on the unemployed where I guess the format will be that there will be weekly submissions by the people chosen but I haven’t heard back about what the format will be…at least it will give me something more to do as I look for work….that was a pretty good set of storms that rolled through here yesterday….some of the thunder was so loud that the concussion was moving my t-shirt as I stood at my slider and watched…one of the neatest things I’ve seen in quite a while….not much to do today…I do have to get groceries first thing and then you know the routine….might go out with K later to celebrate the start of her birthday week but I’m not sure….I don’t think I can get to 5 posts again today but who knows? You’ll have to come back to see….

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