July 29th

Well…I’ve got to stop getting so up when glimmers of good things happen….I did it when I got the phone interview for a new job and now when I got a response from the Post for the unemployment project…I don’t think I’m going to hear back from them after the disclosure that I do this every day….but, I couldn’t lie and have it come out later so I’ll live with the consequences. I did have a nice day with going to celebrate the start of K’s vacation at Logan’s so I do feel a little crappy today….but that’s all right…I anticipated it and even welcomed it after being good for a few days….not much to do today…it is Friday so I don’t have to work out but I will do a bike ride later in the morning….and maybe meet up with T for a minute but I’m not holding my breath…I’m almost at 60 for the month and it looks like I’ll make it….

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