Mitch McConnell is an even bigger idiot than I thought…

Well….ole Mitch was in fine form this morning addressing the Senate in anticipation of Obama’s speech on jobs tonight, raising the bar on pure partisanship to an entirely new level…he didn’t even wait to hear the speech to start to criticize everything about what may be said…trying to preempt the president when he is trying to get us out of the repub caused jobs mess. His main point was that he didn’t even want to hear anything more about additional stimulus and he even rolled out the old bromide that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of idiocy….doesn’t McConnell get irony? What have he and his repub know nothings repeatedly done since 2000? Cut, Cut, and cut taxes when they did nothing to stimulate the economy or add jobs….remember this, the tax cuts did not add one job…not one job. And ole Mitch had the audacity to stand there and basically call Obama an idiot. Look in the mirror, Mitch, and you will see the biggest idiot in government today….geez….

One last thing…by the accounts of the majority of economists, the stimulus package saved almost 3 million jobs that would have been lost without it…is that the repubs definition of failure? Gimme that kind of failure anytime….

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