June 29th

Well…not so long a night last night but was up watching tv at 4…oh, promised I would talk about that any more…so I won’t. It was kind of a busy day yesterday but that means that today will be kind of slow. Found out some things last night that I was expecting to hear but that didn’t make it any easier. I may share it at some point but let’s just say that it involves more and more change that has left me kind of numb to the effects over the past year or so…or not really numb but resigned I guess…

I am going to go fishing today with Tom so that will be fun and relaxing even when we don’t catch fish…what can be better than sitting in a park, watching the water, and getting some sun? I’ll let you know how it goes later in the day and I also will have another somewhat lucid comment I hope…the environment is getting target-rich again. More later…

Oh, the comment will probably be about Rick Barber and Sharron Angle and the absolute craziness coming out of their campaigns…it makes me smile….

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