More Boehner…..

Well…in the last post, I neglected to mention another wonderful statement that came out of Boehner’s mouth today….another jaw-dropper that is breathtaking in its obtuseness…he stated that reforming the financial regulations that the Dems have been working on, regulations (or lack of them) that allowed the worst meltdown and recession in 8o years is like “killing an ant with a nuclear weapon”.
Oh, really, John? How did all that de-regulatin’ work out for the country? How many people are out of work because of you and your ilk whose only allegiance is to the corporations that buy your votes to stack the deck against ordinary folks?

Are you stupid or do you just not care what you say? Oh, that’s right, the repubs don’t care what they say because most of it is lies or comes form the little voices in their heads….

I’ve been working very hard to not be angry all the time about everything, and my friends can see I’ve had some success; but when I see this stuff from any public figure who is cynically using his position for the personal gain of his business friends…I can’t stay silent…I hope you can’t either…geez…

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