May 29th

Well…running late again today and I know the cause today, stayed up late watching a live concert by John Fogerty and didn’t get to bed until 1:30…and was back up at 6:30 or so…hmmmm…so why am I late? I did go to Meijers to get some stuff I needed…maybe that’s it? Who knows? I did sleep okay but I’m still tired as heck so maybe a nap later…did go out for a couple with G and she was in a mood to go so maybe that’s it….The wings play a game 7 tonight but I’m not going out to watch…it’s just no fun watching with a bunch of strangers and spending money to do it….it was a wet day out on the bike yesterday and I came back mudded from head to toe…going to need to do some maint on the bike since the dirt has made the shifter stick between gears and that is just annoying…I need to work out and get back on the bike so I should get going…more later…

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