Phyllis Schlafly is still in the 50′s…..

This is a placeholder until I get done working out…I have to comment on some statements that Phyllis Schlafly made this weekend campaigning for a repub here in Michigan.

Well…I’m back…decided to get a bike ride in, too, before I came back to this. I’m not going to bury the lead this time….just going to give you Sclafly’s (who is the head of the anti-feminist Eagle Forum) quotes at a fundraiser for republican Rocky Raczkowski who is running for congress from Michigan. She started out by saying “obviously the blacks voted for Obama…but, do you all know what group was the second biggest? Unmarried women, 70% of unmarried women voted for Obama, and this is because when you kick your husband out, you’ve got to have big brother government to be your provider.”

I am just stunned by these comments; that this kind of attitude is still in the mainstream of the republican party and is a harbinger of what you will see if you vote these troglodytes into office. Oh, ole Rocky did the republican dance of condemning the comments but that is just diving for cover when one of their own speaks what is really in their minds. That whole party is still mired in the 50′s when Phyllis was flitting from country club to country club; when you could have one income families make enough money that they could have a good life…but the repubs and their cronies made sure that ended.

Phyllis, I can give you many good reasons why unmarried women voted for Obama that you can’t understand…they are tired of the invisible discrimination that goes on in the good old boy networks that still dominate American business life..they are tired of having the choices in their lives limited by a repub party dominated by men…they are tired of being second class citizens that the Christian Taliban would have stay home barefoot and pregnant….to me, that shows a lack of respect for more than 50% of our population; a resource that we need to make this country a better place…my life is better for the strong women that have been in it (that includes my daughter and, of course, G, K, and T) and to dismiss them as needing to be dependent on anyone is a slap in the face that is all too common coming from the repubs…geez….

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