Pravda of Indiana…..

Well…reading the news today was a little boring until I came upon this little nugget of weirdness out of Indiana…the governor there has decided to create his own “state run media”  so that small newspapers there will be able to get the “news” from the government without sending poor reporters to do that job….it’s goal, stated by the governor is to create pre-packaged “news” stories about what’s happening in the government and to break “news” exclusively on this new website/press release machine without having to have all that messy interaction with the media. I wonder if these idiots have ever read history or anything about the constitution and a “free press”? This whole thing seems to be modeled on the Soviet Union’s “state run” media which was basically the propaganda arm of the state…even more so than fox news is for the repubs on a national level. So, they can’t afford to fix their schools, or their roads, of feed their poor, but they have plenty of cash to pay a bunch of “journalists” to create propaganda that will no doubt say how wonderful things are in Indiana and how great the governor is and how terrible the “libruls” are….I cringe at the tone deafness and stupidity of these folks…geez…

Oh…there was one quote that I forgot to share by a commenter over at Kos…”George Orwell, the author of 1984, is spinning in his grave screaming “1984 is supposed to be a cautionary tale…not a how to manual”…pretty funny….

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