Boehner is still an idiot….

Well…I thought I’d seen the low that the repubs could sink to and then ole Boehner goes even lower…in case you haven’t heard, the repubs have now started to meddle in foreign policy by inviting Bibi Netenyanhu to speak in front of the House next month to try to undermine the nuclear negotiations that are underway with Iran. Nevermind that ole John has come out today and petulantly said “I have the right to do it”…this kind of crap has never been done before in the history of the country…and even Fox news has said that it is bad form and has savaged ole Boehner for this bone head move…and there is no secret whey he is doing it…the right in this country are really pissed with the results that Obama has been getting with negotiations when all the repubs want to do is start another war with Iran to reward their military suppliers with more no contract profits and to “show up” Obama…even to the point of committing treason or maybe “treason lite” to do it…there is no end to the things these idiots will do to hurt this country just to score political points….how much more anti American can you get? Geez…

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