January 31st

Well…running a little late for the weekend and it’s because I had to run out for some groceries and I just haven’t been able to get motivated to do more than that….slept okay but still feel worn out today…but much better than yesterday so I guess that’s something…and the teeth are okay this morning, too, and I think that should be something to celebrate…and I am…yay…..had problems with the car for the first time yesterday and I’m not sure why…one of the rear tires was soft so I decided to air them all up but when I got out to shoot pool one of the fronts was soft…so, I aired it up with my compressor but it was soft again when we finished so I aired it up again but doing that ran the tiny little battery dead and I had to jump the car…thanks, Tom….the weird thing is that the tire stayed up overnight and the car started just fine this morning…but I had to reset all of the settings on the radio again and that is a pain in the butt…so, I have my fingers crossed that everything will be fine going forward…I did check on a new battery and the store near me has one in stock so I can replace it if need be…not much to do today…going to do a little work around here but the Man U game is on at 10 so that will be first…one more later…

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