Last one for the month…

Well…not sure if this is going to be a normal thing…usually, I do the last one for the month as a filler just to make it to the two a day goal…but, I’m there already so I’m not sure why I’m here….there isn’t really much to talk about today other than all of the sports that are on today…Man U did win this morning and now there is a race on and the Wings start in a few minutes…then, there is another race on later tonight…but, I may watch a movie instead if I can find one I want to see…I was going to recycle the papers but the danger of an avalanche is not too high so I may wait a couple of days….it’s still only about 15 outside and I just don’t want to get cold so maybe Monday when it’s warmer….I was going to wash the car today but it’s still too cold…that seems like a theme…so, I’ll quit here and just go back to the couch and the Wings….

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