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10 more months…

Well…as we watch the repubs systematically try to destroy this country and everything it stands for, I think we all have to remember  this nightmare is only going to continue for 10 more months…looking at the generic polling for the House races, the dems are now up by an unheard of 17 points…..the last time the repubs took over the house, they were up by about 9 % in the polls and took over 40 seats….so, if they historical ratios hold, we could be looking at 50 or more seats gained when we only need 24 to take back control of the house…and when that happens, Nunes, Ryan, Gowdy and all of trump’s protectors and enablers in the house will no longer be able to protect him…if the idiot is not indicted by then. So, we need to take a deep breath, keep our heads down, and continue to resist the destruction of our country…and start making plans on how to repair it when we get back in control. Impeach….

Walmart is still evil…

Well….we all know that Walmart is one of the most evil companies in the world and one of the biggest corporate welfare queens, getting almost 7 billion dollars in subsidies for it’s workers since they pay them so little they are eligible for both medicaid and food stamps; that we pay for out of our tax dollars….and they just bought themselves a tax cut that will go straight into the Walton’s pockets…but they have a new little twist they are pulling across the country at their stores….while out of one side of their mouths, Walmart continued to tell the lie that the tax cut will spur job growth…and we have to remember that has never happened from ANY tax cut the idiot repubs have tried…while out of the other side of their mouths they informed thousands of management level employees that their jobs are being eliminated…and here is the real evil kicker…the ones let go are being allowed to re-apply for the new job classification that will pay almost 30% less than the jobs they were doing….and the jobs aren’t changing at all…the ones re-hired will be doing exactly the same jobs but for 30% less than they were making…that, in my book, is just one of the most evil things I have ever seen…but what do I expect from one of the most evil corporations in the world? Geez….

These guys are just so damn dumb…

Well…today was the day that the idiot trump’s inner circle started to get interviewed by the house committee that is “investigating” trump/Russia…we all know what the purpose of that “investigation” is…to protect trump at all costs, whether it is the destruction of the FBI or our democracy….but, even though this committee is run by trump toadies, Mueller is in the background continuing to get to the truth. That makes the actions of the WH today just so damn dumb when they told Steve Bannon to not answer any questions about his time in the WH….has anyone explained the definition of obstruction of justice to the idiots there? It is clear this instruction to Bannon is to impede the investigation and this action is written into the obstruction statute as being illegal…can anyone in the WH even read? This obstruction won’t matter anyway…Mueller has already subpoenaed Bannon to testify in front of a grand jury so whatever he says today can put him at risk of perjury if he lies like all of this administrations does….Mueller’s coming for you trumpy bear….impeach….

Something funny…

Well….going to stay away from politics for a little while today and write about something else…have been watching Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in cars getting coffee” and it has grown on me…have never been that big of a fan of Seinfeld….loved the show when it was on originally but haven’t watched it in re-runs….and I’m not sure why…and Jerry has been pretty protective of his personal life but he is letting some of it out talking to other comedians in the show….I didn’t know that he was married with kids but he talks about them some in the show….and the idea that being a comedian is a  strange life comes through in every episode…and there are lots of cool cars that he drives…the last one being a ’70 Boss 302 Mustang….and there is one last thing that is kind of funny and made me like him even more….his favorite band is Steely Dan….and if you’re a “Dan Fan” you have to be okay….more later….

January 16th

Well…running a little early today and it’s just from getting up early….tried to sleep in but it just didn’t work so maybe I can take a nap later to fix it….feel okay today…oh, I did win at pool yesterday and had a nice drive out and back….thought I had a cold coming on but don’t feel it today other than a little crap in my lungs…that may change as the day goes on….we’ll see…but, my back still doesn’t hurt so I’ll take that….okay…yep, still have the bug and think the coughing is getting worse…don’t have a lot to do today so that shouldn’t be a problem…I am going to clean some after I work out but I think I’ll keep it light today….okay, need more coffee so I think I’ll end here…but I will be back for more later after I get to reading a little news…more later….

The evangelicals leader….

Well…if you thought evangelicals supporting the child molester
Roy Moore was bad, they have topped that with continuing to support the idiot trump after the revelation that he paid a porn star over a hundred thousand dollars to keep quiet about an affair idiot boy had with her just one month before the election…and my question here is: “where is it in the bible that supports and accepts affairs with porn stars?”  They use the bible as a weapon all the time, cherry picking verses to support their racism, misogyny, and hatred so I think the question every reporter should ask when one of these supposed holy people opens their mouth is “how can you support a person who cheated on his wife with a porn star?”  I’ve had enough of these people just as I have had way too much of the idiot…their lack of morality is ruining our country…impeach….

January 15th

Well…running early today and I’ll chalk it up to being bored…and getting up early today….don’t feel too badly today but I am a little sore today for some reason…was really expecting to wake up to the flu today but it’s not that bad…and I really don’t know how I would ever be exposed to it…I’m never around people anymore other than the grocery run but I guess that might be enough….didn’t get anything done yesterday and today looks the same with it being a pool day….I do have to work out, though, but that won’t happen until after the coffee works some….not much to do today…and that’s true….just going to ease into it since I’m feeling a little slow….more later….

Some thoughts…

Well…just got back from running out to the post office and to put gas in the car…I just noticed that with that trip, the car went over 180K miles and that is something…still runs great all the time even in this cold…..I do have a cold and that is a pain….don’t think it’s more than that but we’ll see….starting to get some chills and I feel warm today along with the crap in my lungs…oh, and I did see an accident coming back from the post office…sitting at the light at 44th and Kalamazoo and heard a thump…looked to my right and saw a car had just run into the back of another one waiting to make a right turn….stupid, stupid people out there…I did get the pool cues repaired yesterday….when I took mine out of the case, I saw that the tip was even falling off…so, lots of glue later, I think I have mine repaired…even glued a black trim ring back on Tom’s while I was at it….okay…going to go back to the Wings game….

January 14th

Well…running a little early today…have already read the paper and am working on getting the coffee down to start feeling normal again….slept okay last night but still feel a little slow this morning…think I didn’t eat enough yesterday and that is getting to be a problem this winter…but, I’m not gaining weight like I normally do and that is a good thing….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but make some ham soup that came out good again….have that recipe nailed…might have to write it down at some point…..thought I may be getting a bug but it hasn’t gotten worse so I’m not sure what is going on…..don’t feel all that badly right now but I am still coughing and have stuff in my lungs…maybe it’s just a cold….not much to do today…I do have to clean my kitchen floor but that is going to wait until after the third cup of coffee…..more later….

January 13th

Well…still feeling crappy this morning and I know it’s a bug so I guess I’ll just have to see how bad it’s going to get….hope it’s just a cold and not the bad flu that is going around…but, I don’t really have much to do so I can survive either….slept okay last night and finally had some dreams that were too weird to really understand but it was nice to have some…didn’t get anything done yesterday but I will make soup today…that is going to start in a little while but I need to get some coffee in me first since I already have no energy….I decided to treat my heel with some neosporin and that seems to have helped and I have no pain this morning…it is nice to walk around with not favoring it but that seem to be automatic and I’ll have to concentrate to make sure I stop limping….not much to do today…just going to make soup and then clean up after that…and watch some soccer….and there is an electric grand prix on, too…so I may be a little less bored than normal….more later….