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The day is here….

Well…just had to talk about a little thing that happened to me this morning after I got my hair cut….it’s official, I am actually considered old…..the trigger for that? I got my first senior discount on my haircut…and, I’m not sure how I feel about that…I know I’m getting older but damn, this says to me that the dreaded day is here….okay, not dreaded and it made me laugh so I guess I’m okay with it….

April 18th

Well…got up really early today and I’m sure I don’t like it…5:30 is way too early when I don’t have anywhere to be….but, I did sleep okay so that is something….and I’ve been good for a few nights now so that is another something…I am going to get sore again today with getting back on the bike so I may have to take some ibuprofen before I go out…I sure hope the snow is done but just looked at the forecast and we may get some more tonight….but, it looks like the weather is going to break over the weekend and we’ll get back to normal…and it is going to be almost 70 next week….now I have to decide if I’m going into shorts for the year…I need to get that done before May or it will be the latest I’ve ever done that….not much to do today….I am going to get my hair cut this morning and then I have an errand to run after that and then into the normal day….more later….

It’s quiet…too quiet…

Well…have been reading the news all morning trying to come up a topic but the news has been pretty quiet today…maybe a little too quiet given the unending scandals coming out to the idiot trump’s administration. You may have heard of this one, though, that Scott Pruitt didn’t think the government vehicle that he was issued was quite good or safe enough so he got them to issue him a fully bulletproof one…and that even included bulletproof seat covers…through his whole tenure, Pruitt has spent money hand over fist….more than the past three administrations combined and the question came to me..”what changed?”…what was the reason this moron feels so threatened? I wonder if it could be the fact the EPA is now being run for the companies that it is supposed to regulate and that these companies are writing new regulations that will kill thousands of people a year with the increased pollution?  Or is it just that these thieves are the typical chickenshit repubs who are scared of their own shadows and there is no reason for the increased security other than it makes them feel important? No other EPA administrator has needed a 20 person security detail or a bulletproof vehicle….and this idiot doesn’t either…geez….

April 17th

Well…running a little late today and it’s another day that I just can’t get going…slept okay last night and I’m not really sore anywhere which is a little weird…probably from not riding the bike for a few days and it snowed again last night so it will be at least one more day until I can get out again…maybe tomorrow afternoon…we did get out for a short day at pool…and I won…didn’t get much done yesterday but a few errands in the morning so I think I’ll do some cleaning today…after I get a lot more coffee in me, that is…I do need to start getting rid of stuff around here to get ready for the move later in the year but I guess I have time so there is really no urgency to that…I’m still waiting for spring to come…maybe next month? More later….

I think we have PTSD….

Well….this is just going to be a shorty on a thought that just popped into my head….I think the 62% of us that just hate the idiot in the WH and all of the scandals and crimes of the trump crime family have PTSD. The quick description of PTSD is a mental condition that results in a series of of emotional and physical reactions in those who have either witnessed or experienced a traumatic event….now I don’t mean to minimize the PTSD that our soldiers have brought back from war…but, to me, the idiot trump’s election was just that sort of an event….

Is there another reason?

Well….with the photo of Michael Cohen hanging out with his cronies taken on Friday, my initial thoughts was that he is just an idiot for doing it…but, is there another reason for the photo? Now, once one of the guys in the picture was identified as a Russian with close ties to Putin, I think the reason for the photo was a message to the idiot trump and anyone else who is under investigation for conspiring with the Russians that they can get to them anywhere and they need to be very careful. When you see the video of the “meeting”, at the very end the Russian goes up to Cohen and whispers something into his ear and Cohen’s face goes even more blank that it normally is…I think that means he just realized that he is screwed no matter what happens…he is either going to prison for many years or he will meet the fate of the Russian journalist that was reporting on Syria and “accidentally” fall off his balcony to his death….that is the Russian’s MO , after all….impeach…

April 16th

Well…not sure if I’m running late or not but I guess it doesn’t matter…slept okay last night but feel a little strange today and I hope that goes away after I have coffee…it was a completely wasted day yesterday with the races and other sports on and today will be the same with going out for pool later…it was really a pain with all of the ice yesterday and today it’s going to snow more…I really can’t describe how depressing it is to have the highs be in the 30′s until wed…it is the middle of April, after all, and I need it to get warmer…but, it looks like the weather is going to break later in the week and even be in the 60′s next week….not sure if I’m going into shorts for the year next week or not but I don’t think I’ve ever waited until May….not much to do today…just need the coffee to work and then we’ll see how it goes…more later….

Cohen’s friends….

Well…I guess it can be said that morons hang around with morons if you look at the picture of Michael Cohen and some of his cronies sitting around smoking cigars at some hotel in NY Friday….these morons know that Cohen has been under investigation for months now for his shady business dealings and yet, there they are, sitting out in public just daring the FBI to find out who they are and then investigate them, too. Now, if someone I knew was under FBI scrutiny, the last thing I would do would be pallin’ around with him, or taking his phone calls…and the thought comes to me that his biggest buddy, the idiot trump should really be worried since I’m sure there have been wiretaps involved and he just can’t shut his big trap. Here’s the kicker….even before the raid on Cohen, the FBI had enough evidence to convince a judge that Cohen was committing or had committed crimes….and, I think this really spells the end for the idiot in chief no matter what he does…after all, he can’t fire the entire justice department and even if they can’t indict him when in office, the charges will be waiting for him when he is finally thrown out…he IS going to jail….impeach…

April 15th…continued….

Well…just took a look at the first one of the day and felt I needed to come back to add to it since it was so short….Just went out to clean the ice and snow off the car since the rain seems to be ending and it is warm enough for it to melt…just took some sheets of ice off it that are 3/8 to a half an inch thick and I am really damn tired of this crap…and it looks like I won’t be back on the bike until Wed since it is going to be cold enough that all this crap won’t melt off the trail until then… and, I’m sure I don’t like having to hibernate halfway through April….one good thing is my eyes seem to be better today and my allergies are not as bad as they were yesterday….the tv even looked blurry yesterday and that is a little concerning….okay, need to go back to the race so I’ll end this one here…I am going to do another one in a few minutes….

April 15th

Well…running really late today with having to melt the ice off the car so I could go out and get the paper…man, I’m getting damn tired of there being no spring this year…slept okay last night and don’t feel too bad this morning but I do feel like my allergies are going crazy…the effect has been terrible for my eyes with them being itchy and full of crap….didn’t do anything yesterday but cook and that looks like what will happen today, too….just a little depressed and unmotivated so I think I’ll just let the day flow a little with no thoughts of what I should do….there are a couple of races on this aft and Man U plays at 11 so I shouldn’t be too bored…..more later…..