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117 days to a special counsel…

Well…if you didn’t already think that the idiot trump’s administration wasn’t the most corrupt in the history of the US, you just have to look at the events that happened today. After only 117 days in office, a special counsel was appointed today to look into all of the Russian connections with trump’s campaign and the obstruction of justice that was reveled by James Comey last week. Now, a cynic would think the the acting AG in this matter was helping trump out by slowing down the current investigations with this appointment…but who he appointed spells dire trouble for trump and his cronies. The appointment went to a former FBI director, Robert Mueller, who has shown that he has the integrity and the non-partisanship to ensure that the investigation will be fair and thorough. So, run for the hills, trump…you’r going down…..

Tired of trump…

Well….I am just shaking my head at the idiot trump’s behavior at the Coast Guard academy graduation today where he went on and on about himself and whined through the entire speech that “no politician in history has bee treated worse or more unfairly than me”, and he continued to complain all the way through it…not the uplifting speech you would expect to hear…not that the graduates are starting out on a journey of service to their country and their sacrifices are appreciated…nope, just how put upon the idiot trump is…and this is the guy who said he respected the military “bigly” and that no one was better for the military than him….all just lies…and he again uses the military as props for his own aggrandizement….isn’t anyone else tired of this schtick by now? Impeach….

May 17th

Well….running a little early again today….haven’t been sleeping well…and have been up since 4:30…so, I guess I should have been here even earlier…..what the heck did I do for 3 hours? Had an okay day yesterday but didn’t get much done other than get resumes out and read the news….that may have been one of the reasons I was up so early…just way too much news….I did get a nice bike ride in and had little pain…but I did take something before I went out and that helped….think I’ll do that today, too….I’ll have to get out on the bike soon, though…the wind is supposed to get up to about 30 later and that is just too brutal to ride in…..I do need to clean today and that will be part of the day for me….the cobwebs are back and need to be gone…more later…..

This is big….

Well….I’ve never been a fan of James Comey but it appears he is trying to redeem himself from his interference in the election…today, the NY Times ran a story saying they had seen a Comey memo written after the infamous meeting with the idiot trump where the idiot asked Comey to shut down the investigation into Michael Flynn and Comey refused. As an experienced FBI agent, Comey put the entire conversation down in the form of a memo that he shared with others within the FBI, and these memos are regarded as evidentiary ┬áby the courts…and are backed up by others that Comey wrote during that time that show that trump is clearly trying to obstruct justice and derail the Russia probes. The latest twist in the little story is that Lindsay Graham has invited Comey to testify in public at the senate to go over these developments….just what Comey has been angling for since the idiot trump fired him…..and I was one at the time that said the firing was the end of trump…and it looks like the beginning of the end. Everyone that knows Comey, knows he always leaves a paper trail behind but the trumpistas were just too damn dumb to recognize it…..hope this mess gets Sessions, too, since he was instrumental in Comey’s firing…and that would be obstruction of justice, too…..impeach….

It’s been revealed….

Well…with the idiot trump shooting his big mouth off to the Russians the other day and revealing the most top secret information that he didn’t have the right to share as per a secrecy agreement with the source, it has now been revealed that the source of the intel was Israel…and in one fell swoop the idiot has damaged our most important source of terrorist information from the middle east. The Israelis are incensed, and rightly so, they had to scramble to get their assets out of their undercover roles before they were killed….now, listen to that again….intelligence assets had their covers blown and put in mortal danger just so the idiot trump could brag to the Russians that he gets “the best intel”…and now the network that secured the information is gone…just from the sheer utter stupidity of the idiot they call *president. What is it going to take repubs? Giving Putin an office in the White House? Grow some damn spines and get rid of this menace before no other country will even talk to us anymore…impeach….

May 16th

Well….up early again today and I would like to sleep in just once…oh, well….I can’t believe it’s going to be 86 degrees today…I am going to get the bike ride in early today if it doesn’t rain…looks like the storms are going past to the north…we did get a little one last night but only a few flashes of lightning so I was a little disappointed…still hurt some today and my back is still caught and I’m not sure how to fix it….this is the longest time in quite a while that it’s hurt….it might be my hip, too, since I have been abusing it when I write on the couch….more later….

NATO thinks trump is a toddler…

Well….with the idiot trump visiting our NATO allies later in the week, it is just astounding how they are preparing for him…essentially treating the prep as if he is a toddler with ADD…one of the guiding memos to the members has said that interactions with him are to be no more than 3 to 4 minutes since his attention span won’t allow any in depth discussion…and they have taken the intelligence breach with the Russians to heart and have instructed all of the members to not share anything sensitive with the idiot…basically just tolerating him since they know he is not very bright…this is making America great again? By making us the laughing stock of the world? This is what you have done to us repubs…never in my lifetime have we been the laughingstock of the world…I blame you….impeach….

This is their excuse?

Well….not sure if you saw this one yet but, do you remember last week when the idiot trump had the Russian ambassador and foreign minister were invited to the White House (against the recommendations of the entire IC)? That was bad enough, but guess what the idiot did while they were there….he revealed extremely classified information to the Russians on our information gathering against ISIS while he was bragging that he had “the best intel”…yep, stroking his ego with no awareness of what he was doing…and the excuse the repubs are using to explain it? That, as *president, trump can do what he wants with classified information…even if it exposes our intelligence gathering partners and puts people in danger…what this really does is tear down any trust that remained with US since the buffoon took office…do you think anyone is going to share anything with us after this idiocy? Impeach….

I just realized…

Well….haven’t been feeling like myself lately and just today made the connection why that is….from the lack of energy to the uneasy feelings to the paralysis in my head…depression has reared it’s ugly little head again…I almost didn’t recognize it…it has been a long time since I’ve seen more than one of the symptoms at a time….they usually just flick in and out for a day or so at a time but this one feels more like it did 20 years ago when I was on medication for it…just like almost everyone I knew back then…the heyday of Prozac. I’m not sure what the heck I can do about this one right now…but when the realization came to me out on the bike today, things became clearer….and today was a better day…I’m no longer paralyzed by it and I got a bunch of resumes out…and even listened to some music today….maybe tomorrow will be better…..

Just can’t get started…

Well….just can’t get started the past few days and I’m not sure why….my brain just seems to be clouded lately and I don’t really have any outrage left to give….there was one thing that left me shaking my head about the idiot trump….it has been leaked that his aides have been feeding the idiot fake news that the idiot then wants them to turn into policy….but he forgets it once the paper is taken away from him…just like playing peek a boo with a baby…that is probably a good metaphor for this idiot’s entire *presidency….like playing peek a boo with a baby…but a baby that can launch 59 cruise missiles with his flailing, tiny little hands…..I sure hope you’re scared by now….impeach…