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Why not just give the country to the Russians?

Well…my outrage meter is back at the top again today with two more fricking idiocies and more treason from the idiot trump. I can’t believe this crap and I can’t believe that the congress is letting trump get away with it…it was announced today that the the Pentagon is in talks with the Russians to use their satellites  to provide internet access to our soldiers on the battlefield…the stupidity of this move is just breathtaking…allowing Russia to read all the correspondence of our soldiers? There is more more than just personal correspondence that happens over the internet with our military….the entire military and it’s coordination happens over satellite communication…how many of you think that this connection wouldn’t be used to hack into the supposedly secure part that coordinates troop movements and communicates with our aircraft on the battlefield? Jesus, this is the stupidist thing I have ever frickin heard…we don’t have our own satellites? This is treason pure and simple and the simpleton in the White House should be frog marched out of his golf club and straight to a federal prison…how long, repubs? How long is treason going to be tolerated before you act to impeach and convict this idiot? The clock is ticking….impeach…

Infants in charge of foreign policy….

Well…have you ever seen the spectacle of the idiot trump and his minions threatening  a little, backward country with nuclear holocaust in the history of the US? Could you imagine Roosevelt, or Lincoln saying they will reign down “fire and fury” on the Bahamas? That is about what the idiot did this week when he lowered the US to the level of the psychotic dictator of North Korea….I guess the entire world now knows how to push the idiots buttons…they know he is such an infant when it comes to foreign policy that they can manipulate him into anything they want him to do…just look what Putin has been able to do….and the idiot boy doesn’t even realize they are doing it…he just reacts, and reacts, and reacts…with no coherent idea of how the world works or how to get what the US wants. What we should be doing is just treating them like the flea they are…annoying, yes, but a threat to the US? Only to the repubs who are frickin scared of everything and run around with their hair on fire about every real or imagined threat. Repubs, is this dangerous enough for you? When are you going to stop this decline in American power? It’s all up to you, repubs…do your damn job….impeach….

Is this enough repubs?

Well….does a sane person ever threaten nuclear war? After all of the idiocy of trump, yesterday should have been the final straw for the repubs in this country after trump threatened to rain down fire on North Korea…just like the bullying idiot that he is, trump took the bait from Kim Jong Un and lowered the US to his level by resorting to threats…threats that were not cleared through any agency but trump’s own diseased head…not the national security advisor, not the pentagon, not the joint chiefs of staff….just trump shooting his mouth off and trying to be the tough guy that he isn’t….now, threatening nuclear war should be the thing that gets the idiot removed for the safety of the world but now, the repubs are showing they are all party before country or the world….and, if we live to see 2018, they all need to go so some sanity can be restored to this country…and the world can start to respect us again…which will never happen with the idiot thrashing around with his delusional ideas of what diplomacy is…..impeach…

The laziest *president ever….

Well…with the idiot trump on his latest vacation…this one a 17 day affair…it is pretty obvious that trump is the laziest damn *president this country has ever had by a wide, wide margin….even though he protests that this vacation is full of “phone calls and meetings”, all you have to do is look at his normal schedule when he is at a golf course…18 holes takes him about 5 hours…maybe even 6…and then lunch for two hours, then he HAS to watch tv for at least 4 hours…and that would make a full day for the idiot in chief…where in there is the time for “phone calls and meetings”? And now, the idiot has banned any photographers from the golf course so there is no way to confirm what he is doing…and with the latest poll saying that almost 80% of the American people not believing a word that comes out of his mouth…what’s the point of even listening to him about anything…oh, and he cheats at golf, too….what a useless human being…impeach….

Trump is a child….

Well…the self centered child idiot is at it again…with the uproar from his tweet basically trying to throw the 15,000 trans service members out of the armed forces, it might be a good idea too look at the motivation behind the tweet…other than the guy is just a transphobic idiot. There are reports out that had military lawyers trying to make the idiot understand that it was a complex issue and they spent hours and hours trying to get that through his big melon head…but, as with any child, trump couldn’t take that it was complex problem and that the lawyers continued to try to make him understand it….so, what does the child do? He tweets out the new policy to make the mean old lawyers go away so he could go back to watching tv…..he is ready to hurt 15,000 patriotic Americans just to get back to being the lazy ass that he is. I know I write a lot about this idiot…and I wish I didn’t have to…I wish he would just go away and leave us all alone…impeach…

A new grand jury….

Well…these are the kind of posts that I like to do….it was just reported today that Robert Mueller has impaneled a new grand jury which will start it’s work by looking into the meeting where all the trump campaign bigwigs met with a bunch of Russians to get information about Hillary that would help the idiot trump’s campaign. As of today, they have started to issue subpoenas  for any and all information about that meeting which I assume will include testimony from all of the people who were there for it….and that means Manafort, trump jr., and kirschner are all in their sights now….but it doesn’t end there…this grand jury is looking into money laundering that trump and his cronies were part of for years…and it is pretty obvious that they have them on that count given all of the information that has leaked from the investigation….these events tell us that there is there, there, and Mueller is close to indictments for at least some of the parties to the meeting at least, and maybe for the entire trump crime family. It is going to get delicious and I’ll pass on Keith Olbermann’s advice to the entire family…”flee now, while you still can”…impeach…

Lies, lies, and more lies….

Well…is this enough repubs? Is this enough for you to finally rid us of the idiot trump? Oh, forgot to tell you about this first…my brain is out of synch….I really hope you’ve heard the last bit of lies to come out of the mouth of trump and his cronies…it starts with trump telling everyone that he got a phone call from the “head” of the boy Scouts telling him that his speech was the best one that was ever delivered to them…one little problem…the call never fact the scouts apologized for the hitler youth rally that trump turned the speech into…then we have the idiot telling everyone…again…that the president of Mexico called him to tell him he is doing the “best job” at immigration…again…never happened…no phone call, no praise, just trump living in his delusions and that should worry you repubs…and you should do something about it…he hates you guys, anyway…so why do you continue to protect this idiot?  Impeach….

The White House is a dump?

Well…I don’t think I can be surprised anymore by the shallowness and crassness exhibited every day by the idiot trump. The latest lowest point (and it won’t be the last) has the idiot bitching to his friends that he spends so much time at his golf clubs since the White House is such a dump….now, let’s let that sink in for a minute…our house, the house that is the symbol of the US is a dump? If you’ve been paying attention over the past 6 months, you know that the idiot has no respect for the traditions or laws of our country, and now this…okay, trump, the only reason the WH is a dump is the fact that you live there…that you pollute the idea of the country’s house, living there illegitimatly, after you stole the election by colluding with the Russians…if you hate it so much, just leave, resign and leave…you are not going to be living there much longer, anyway…I wonder what you are going to think about the federal prison that is going to be your home for the rest of your life? What a colossal asshole….impeach….

Keystone XL dies…

Well….an interesting thing happened over the past week that went mostly unnoticed by everyone…but, I read a little article that didn’t really surprise me given the rapidly changing energy market. You know how the idiot trump has been pushing for more and more fossil fuel use…lying to the people in coal country that he will bring coal jobs back and approving the building of the Keystone XL pipeline that would move tar sands oil through the US to be exported for use in the rest of the world. Just the other day, though, the proposed builders of the pipeline, Trans Canada, said that due to the changes happening to the energy market around the world, where the sharply lowering price of solar, wind and natural gas has made the tar sands oil uneconomical, will probably prevent them from building the pipeline. This is the problem with confusing economics with ideology, trump and his minions are mired in the past…well…maybe not mired in the past but mired in the kleptocracy where the oil and coal companies pushed the cost of their pollution off on the taxpayers while they screwed everyone…and they are setting the US up to be a second class energy country by ceding leadership of new energy technologies to China and the rest of the world while we continue to burn and pollute. But, with this decision by Trans Canada, we can see that economics can trump the idiot and his minions…they can’t stop solar or wind…no company is going to pay more for their electricity just to keep trump and the oil companies happy…and there is not a damn thing the idiot can do about it…Impeach….

Domestic terrorists….

Well…have been sitting here thinking today…and no it doesn’t hurt…about the domestic terrorists that now control our government. Yeah, that’s how I feel about the repubs these days…with the latest attempt to rip health insurance from almost 30 million of their fellow Americans, what else can you call them? I have spent some time reading the stories of people whose lives were immeasurably changed by Obamacare….no longer wondering where the money is going to come from to keep them alive in some cases….I just read about a woman whose 12 year old daughter has type 1 diabetes and is cared for by Medicaid….a program that is the primary target of the blank eyed granny starver Paul Ryan…and without it, this 12 year old’s life will be one of poor health and no future. Now, there are almost 20 million people who get their insurance through the Obamacare exchanges and whose lives are disrupted by stress and fear every time the repubs try to kill the ACA….isn’t this the definition of terrorism? It’s the repubs doing it folks….and that makes it domestic terrorism…impeach…