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Soybean update….

Well….there was one thing that I forgot to talk about when I did the last one…and that was the effect the new Chinese tariffs would have on the price of soybeans…and it is getting ugly with the price down by over 40 cents a bushel just today…and that translates into a $1.72 BILLION dollar loss to soybean farmers in one day….how’s that MAGA working out for you now, farmers? Elect someone to burn the government that you hate to the ground and guess who gets burned…not the idiot boy, but you morons…geez….

Trump is getting played on trade….

Well….this is what happens when you put an ignorant idiot in charge of trade policy….with idiot boys escalation of the trade war with China yesterday, China has come back with targeted tariffs in response… and guess who they are targeting? Yep, all of the idiots who voted for trump across the midwest who are soybean farmers and the idiots in the south who work at car manufacturing. With the fact that midwest farmers send 70% of the soybeans they grow to China, this one is going to hurt….and you have to remember that China is an authoritarian government that can do whatever they want without concern for their people and can just stop buying from us completely, replacing our soybeans with any one of a number of countries who are probably salivating to get a piece of that market…and even less mechanized farms will now be competitive with the 25% tariff that China is imposing. Real smart, huh? You can bet that the carnage that is to come never entered in the idiot’s thought process…if he has a thought process….he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and thinks that the trade war will make him look tough…he really doesn’t understand that the people he is going up against are smarter than a third grader, which trump isn’t, and they understand economics and world trade, which trump doesn’t….I feel for the farmers but not too much, after all, they are the ones that voted for the idiot boy…and now they will understand that elections have consequences…impeach….

Serves them right…

Well…I am just smirking a little about the trade war that the idiot trump started with China and the effect that it is going to have…a new study out yesterday by the Brookings Institute takes a look at those industries that the Chinese tariffs are going to affect, and guess what? Every damn one of them smacks trump voting areas hard…one hog farmer in Iowa ( a trump voter) is now “re-thinking” his vote since the tariffs are going to cost him over 30,000 dollars in lost profits and there are now 3,700 jobs at risk in his county alone. Now, I knew that trump voters were pretty damn dumb but I think this trade war serves them right…vote for a racist, stupid, reality show idiot just because you’re a racist, too, and this is what you get….loss of profit, loss of jobs, and the loss of the US’s standing in the world….how’s that MAGA working out for you now, idiots? Impeach…

Mr. Destructo….

Well…if you have been watching the antics of Mr. Destructo…aka the idiot trump, you’ve seen that he has been in a twitter feud with Jeff Bezos over some truthful coverage of the idiot in the Washington Post which Bezos owns, and the idiot has taken to trying to punish Bezos by threatening actions against Amazon…which have resulted in Amazon losing over 50 billion dollars in valuation as it’s stock has fallen. Now, none of the things that idiot boy has spouted off about, like renegotiating the Post Office’s contract to deliver for Amazon, and some nonsense about Amazon not paying enough taxes (which the repubs are responsible for with their tax cut for corporations) can be done, but to threaten a public company with government retaliation for publishing a story the idiot doesn’t like is pure impeachable offense…if the repubs would just do something about it. Who does that 50 billion loss in evaluation hurt? Basically anyone who has an IRA or 401K….you know, working people who the idiot was supposed to protect…and bought into his propaganda that he was a “great businessman”…when the reality is that he has failed at everything he has ever tried and has been bailed out every time by the Russians or the mob. What needs to happen right now is a lawsuit by some investor who has lost money by Amazon’s stock decline….it would be really easy to prove cause and effect of the idiot’s attacks and the stock price decline…and it would put just a little more pressure on Mr. Destructo and maybe we’ll see him blow…hope so….impeach….

Is this treason yet?

Well…if you’ve been reading the news lately, you would have seen that the idiot trump made a huge deal out of expelling 60 Russian diplomats in response to the chemical weapon attack in England a few weeks back….but, it was revealed today that “high ranking WH officials” have told the Russians that it is no big deal and the “door is open” for those expelled to be replaced by other spies as soon as the heat dies down….is this treason yet? How about it repubs? Is faking punishment for attempted murder to keep the Russians happy treasonous?  I just really wonder what the Russians have on trump…especially with the new directive from trump to everyone in the government to never, ever criticize Putin….how much more of this crap do we have to take?  Okay, this one is not as lucid as I would have expected….not sure why, things are just not flowing…so, I’ll end here and maybe come back later to polish it up or do another one….more later…

Anybody else worn out yet?

Well….with everything happening in this country right now, is anyone else worn out following it? I long for the days of “No drama Obama” and the good governance that came with that administration….and the contrast with the fools who are running this country now is so stark that I struggle to think that this country can survive it. The latest attack on our institutions was the firing of the VA administrator yesterday to be replaced with the WH doctor who cheated the idiot trump’s physical to make him look like he is healthy, adding inches to his height and shaving pounds from his weight to make sure he wasn’t seen as obese, which he is, and then lied that trump has no cognitive impairment….and that is the biggest lie of them all. But now, this moron has been put in charge of the VA with the sole purpose of privatizing it…to make the VA just another profit center that trump’s cronies can bleed dry while they ensure that our veterans will never get the care that they have earned with their service to this country. This is the repubs wet dream of governance….from Betsy DeVos and her for profit charter schools, to Eric Prince’s proposing to privatize the US military’s action in Afghanistan, and now the VA…the only thing the repubs want is to steal and steal and steal from the taxpayers and line their pockets…November can’t come quickly enough for me…I’m just so damn tired….impeach….

trump trashes your 401K

Well…just sitting here waiting for cocktail time and thought I’d do a shorty on idiot boy’s trade war that he started yesterday….after the 730 point drop yesterday and the 450 point drop today, it puts the stock market in negative territory for the year and that makes it the worst two weeks in the past ten years…and the question I have for all of the morons who voted for this idiot is: “how’s that working for your 401K? Had enough winning yet?” The carnage appears like it is going to continue Monday, too, with futures down another 2%  which will mean another 7-800 point drop and means a close to 10% drop in the money you were counting on to retire in just the past week….such a great businessman, so much winning…I hope all of you morons go broke….will serve your ignorant asses right….impeach….


Well….sitting here waiting to hear from T about lunch and thought I’d do a few short takes or tidbits on the happenings of the past few days…the warmonger John Bolton was appointed national security adviser and that means we’re all going to die since that idiot has never met a diplomatic situation that he hasn’t proposed that war could solve….poor old Jared Kushner has been found to be selling the president’s daily briefing intel to the Saudis, trying to get them to bail out his company that is going to go broke without a billion dollars from somewhere later in the year…and the little asshole had a fit when the Qataris wouldn’t bail him out so he had daddy in law conspire with the Saudis and the UAE to attack Qatar…the idiot in chief started a trade war with China yesterday with the resulting 730 point drop in the stock market…how’s all that winning going? The last adult lawyer left the idiot trump’s team yesterday and was replaced with a fox news conspiracy theory shouter…and I am laughing about that…haven’t seen one lawyer on Mueller’s team leave….and the latest rumor is that the subpoenas that were delivered to the trump organization are to support a RICO investigation and that is really, really bad news for trump and his idiot crime family….remember, we only have to deal with this crap until November…if we get out to vote….impeach….


Well… the idiot trump show just how stupid he is again yesterday when he call Vlad Putin to “congratulate” him for winning the election in Russia last week….and this was against the advice of every damn person who works on foreign policy in this “administration”…and they even went so far as to put it in all caps in idiot boy’s briefing materials…and now, the so called *president shows his support for a thug murderer who rigged the Russian election, intimidated people who would vote against him, and murdered one of the people who was going to run against him…and the idiot normalizes this behavior by congratulating him…and he doesn’t even bring up the fact that Putin ordered a murder on UK soil of a former spy. When is it enough, repubs? When is the damage to this country enough? All of this damage just so the moron in chief can get a little praise from his master, Putin…who told trump that he is doing a “wonderful job” with the economy and trump ate that crap right up and praised Putin for his “leadership” in the world..and by leadership I mean meddling everywhere, murdering his foes, and screwing with elections across the world….just the kind of thing that trump would like to do…impeach….

More links to trump….

Well…not sure if you saw the news stories yet that are revealing today that the data company, Cambridge Analytics, that was working for trump targeting vulnerable people during the election to spread Russian propaganda was also working for the Russian state oil company, Lukoil. Guess who controls Lukoil? Yep, you guessed it Vlad Putin…and CA met with the Russians many times before and during the elections. It was also revealed that CA stole the personal information from 50 million Facebook users and used that to micro target people to reinforce the lies that were told about Hillary and motivate right leaning people to get out and vote….and this was the determining factor in the election when only 77,000 votes were needed to steal trump a win in the Electoral College. One thing you need to remember here is how much Jared Kushner bragged that he worked with CA to win the election and Time magazine even put him on their cover for just that…but, at the time it wasn’t known how crooked CA was and how far in bed they were with the Russians. We now know what was going on not because any repub here would do their job, but because investigators in the UK are doing the job that the repubs in congress should have done…to protect the constitution but they are now like the congress in any banana republic…protecting the strongman at the top and the hell with the rule of law or the people of the country. I have this sinking feeling that the only way we can save this country is to throw the repubs out in November…but, if we miss that chance, this will be the end of the US as we know it…shame on you, repubs…impeach….