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October 10th

Well….running a little late today with going out for a few groceries to make some venison tacos today….had a good day yesterday and had fun out a pool…nice ride out and back with the top down…oh, and I won….slept okay last night…kinda….and, with being good, I feel okay today but my back is still painful but I can live with it…and it is nice that it is almost warm enough to get out on the bike right now so all I need to do is work out and get going….as you could see, I didn’t come back for a second one yesterday since I just didn’t have anything to say…there is a lot going on but nothing really grabbed me….there were some really cool pictures of Jupiter out on Bad Astronomy yesterday that were just jaw dropping…not much to do today…I really do have to clean this aft and the US plays in it’s last world cup qualifier tonight and if they win, they’re in….more later….

October 9th

Well…kind of on time today but it feels like I’m late for some reason….woke up to no back pain but I can feel it coming….it did crack a little after I got up so maybe it will be okay today…slept okay last night and feel okay this morning if a little slow…didn’t get a lot done yesterday…started on the kitchen but I don’t know if I’ll get much done today…it is pool day so that will take up the afternoon…and it will be good to get out of here for a while…haven’t been out much over the past month or so….and it looks like it will be warm enough to put the top down out and back….and no rain….I think I didn’t get the top sealed right since it fogged up going out for the paper yesterday….need to dry it out….more later….

Oh, Tom….binoculars….thanks

October 8th

Well….running late today and I just don’t feel like doing much right now….my back has been killing me the past few days but it seems okay this morning…there is still a little twinge that I hope doesn’t turn into full bore pain…I have figured out how to fix it, I think, so it may not be too bad….slept okay last night but I still feel tired this morning and the coffee is not working…and I need to get out on the bike here in a few minutes since it is already warm enough but I’m not motivated to go yet…..didn’t get a lot done yesterday but I do need to clean my bathroom today and maybe work on the kitchen, too…not much else to do….more later….

No idiot trump today….

Well….just don’t want to talk about the idiot boy today but wanted to stay on sched so I think I’ll just do one  on some trail stuff today….have been getting used to the old bike and I may just put the new one off for another month….it is much more comfortable when I let the air pressure drop a little so I think I’ll leave it there…have also gotten the seat adjusted right..finally… so it is pretty comfortable…I did do a little trail maintenance today…some idiots had taken the sluice gates out of a pond that I ride past every day and it had almost gone dry, so I climbed over a fence and down a small ravine to put them back in place…this is a pond that normally has a crane or a heron standing in it and lots of other birds, so I hope it will fill back up some with the storms that are coming later tonight….not sure why anyone would do that  since it was a lot of work to get over the fence and put the boards back….I also ran across another hickory tree that was shedding nuts all over the trail so I stopped and filled up my bag with almost a hundred of them…I have figured out how to use my vice grips to get them to split so I can get the meats out almost intact…and I like the flavor…and they are free…going to pick up some walnuts tomorrow and try some of them….okay…going to watch some football….no more later..or maybe more later…not sure…

October 7th

Well…it was an okay day yesterday but my back gave me fits all day….it just won’t crack like it normally does and the pain was pretty bad most of the day….feels okay right now so I have hope that it will be better today…slept okay last night and had a few dreams so that was cool…but I didn’t get anything else done so today will have to be different….it looks like the rain will be here all day so I am going to take the day off the bike and let my legs rest…I think my hands need more rest, though, the old bike makes them hurt like crazy and I’m not sure why….I did get a care package of venison yesterday…3 lbs of burger and a couple of pounds of steaks that will get me through a couple of weeks….have to get stuff for tacos next week and I am out of butter….not much to do today…going to clean a little and watch some races and football but that is about it….more later….

October 6th

Well…it was an okay day yesterday and I got sunburned running errands in the car…and that is pretty cool for October….slept okay last night and I think I felt my back crack when I was putting a pickle jar back in the fridge and it doesn’t hurt anymore so that is cool….it was really bad yesterday and I was hoping that it wouldn’t be months until I could figure it out….might have to wait to get on the bike today with the rain showers that are coming but I don’t want to take two days off in a row….it is supposed to rain like crazy tonight and tomorrow and we sure need it….and I could use a day off the bike….not much to do today….going to clean some and that’s about it….more later…

October 5th

Well….running late today and I almost forgot to come here and do this…again…have had a few other things on my mind this morning that have distracted me…nothing earth shattering just little things….my back started hurting like crazy again this morning for the first time in a couple of months and it is really annoying…could barely carry the hand basket getting groceries this morning and it is the same thing I had before…it has stopped popping and re-aligning itself  so I have to figure out how to get it it crack….part of it may be the old bike since everything else hurts, too…slept pretty crappy last night and I hope it’s a one night thing….the Wings start their season tonight and I am looking forward to that although it won’t be Ken and Mickey announcing tonight…..I do have to dig out the gear for the game….not much to do today….I need to make a run to Aldi’s in a few minutes since they are almost giving food away for their grand opening today…it’s going to be a zoo with the rebuild that has been going on for the past month…more later….

October 4th

Well…feeling a little off this morning and I think it’s a bug this time….felt pretty crappy yesterday, too, so I think I’ll lay low this morning…was hoping for rain to come to keep me off the bike today but, as always, it is splitting GR to the north and south…so I need to get going soon….didn’t get a lot done yesterday and today looks the same….I think I’ll try to clean a little but I really don’t need to…I did pick a bunch of hickory nuts the other day and finally figured out how to crack them…it involves vice grips and a small screwdriver….remember doing that when I was a kid but back then, we used rocks….it is a fond memory how we used to forage for food back then…apples, pears, and all kinds of nuts…think I’ll pick some walnuts today on the trail….okay, need coffee…more later….

October 3rd

Well….have had Tom Petty’s songs running through my head all night and now into this morning…..and I am still in shock about Las Vegas….will do another rant about that later today….slept okay last night but just feel worn out today….too much going on that I have to think about….I don’t think I’ve been eating enough lately and I think I have a bug since I have been coughing and just not feeling right…the bike ride yesterday was better with pain killers before I got out….my shoulders just can’t take the pounding anymore….I am going to clean a little today and get a few other things done…I do need to do a color tour in the car soon but the colors aren’t really changing too much yet…I think the rain tomorrow may help with that….and that will keep me off the bike…I hope…need a day off to rest everything….more later…

October 2nd

Well…woke up to another mass shooting today…will talk about that later…I guess that makes this a little unimportant…but, I’ll continue for a minute….it was an okay day yesterday but I didn’t get much done….I did decide to buy a new bike next month with how much the old one is beating on me….I am really sore today and I wince every time I hit a bump…that was okay when I was younger but it is just too much now…and they lowered the price by 10 bucks so I hope they still have them when I’m ready to order it…just not feeling this right now…so I think I need to think a while….