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June 19th

Well…not feeling too hot today and I know it’s that little but I’ve had the past few days…my entire system is just a little off and that is a little annoying…slept okay last night but still don’t have a lot of energy today so I think I’ll just take it easy today…was going to change the oil in the car but just don’t feel like it…didn’t get a lot done yesterday and it looks the same today….might even take the day off the bike today with how I feel….only heard from two of the kids yesterday and that is a little annoying, too….oh, well…need to get some coffee and read a little news…more later….

Father’s Day…

Well….had a few thoughts when I was out on the bike today about Father’s day…nothing earth shattering but just some thoughts…it’s been almost 50 years since my father died at only 56 years old…younger than I am now and that has always been strange to me…I wonder if he thought about the same kinds of things that I do at this age? Not sure since I really didn’t know him…with 9 kids, there really wasn’t a lot of one on one time…and you just didn’t talk much back then….I only really remember a couple of interactions with him…once, when I was around 10, he took me to his work at Associated Truck Lines and showed me some trailers that had the tops peeled back from hitting the underside of an overpass…and one other time, I was scheduled to pitch for my little league team and he grabbed a glove and warmed me up before I left for the field…I really didn’t know it at the time but now I remember that I really tried to impress him by throwing as hard as I could…and I could throw back then…until I hurt my shoulder…and I still have that pain to this day. Haven’t heard from any of my four yet today…but, I never wanted for any of them to make a big deal of the day…it’s really just Sunday to me….

June 18th

Well…running a little late today…almost forgot to go out and get the paper this morning…the days just run together and I forgot it was Sunday….the sore throat is gone today…okay, not all the way…but it is better than yesterday but I still feel the bug so maybe today will be a rest day…the wind is already blowing pretty hard so that will be a factor in deciding whether or not to go out on the bike….okay…my throat is not better…it is closed up some and I have just started to sweat again and all I’m doing is sitting here….but it smells so nice out there that I want to get on the bike…I do need to change the oil in the car this week and I got my check back from the state so I can afford it now…not much to do today….and that is true this time…just going to wing it and take it easy….more later….

Not feeling too hot…

Well…have been sitting here trying to figure out why I’ve felt so crappy all day today and about 10 minutes ago, I figured it out when my throat started to get sore…so, it’s not the cocktails…it’s a bug of some sort…I wonder if I got this one from T when we had lunch last week…if it is the same one, I can now understand why she was so exhausted….and I hope it doesn’t get too much worse…have had terrible headaches all day, too so I think I’ll take something for it here in a little while…and I think I’ll blame the bug for not doing a political one today…and the idiot trump is off on vacation, again, so there’s nothing to talk about there….

June 17th

Well…running late today and I just can’t get started….got up early so that’s not it….oh, well…I did win at pool yesterday but Tom put an 8 in on the break and that is much cooler….had to take some allergy meds last night with the bad headache I had and it is starting again this morning so there may be more today…have three left so that should get me through the weekend…..didn’t get anything else done yesterday so I should do some cleaning today…just watched a show comparing the 4 generations of the Miata and the first gen model, like mine, won the comparison…that’s pretty cool….the 24 hours of LeMans is on in a few minutes and that will burn a lot of my data for the month but I do need to watch it…..okay…need more coffee so I’ll end here….more later….

June 16th

Well…running a little late today…and feel pretty crappy after having a cocktail night…yeah, I know….was supposed to wait until tonight but I’m just so bored that I needed to….I did get a nice bike ride in yesterday but I’m thinking about skipping today…I need a recovery day for my legs since they were flat yesterday….slept okay last night but woke up sore everywhere and the sunburn is itching so I am a little miserable today….didn’t get the kitchen cleaned yesterday and won’t today with pool this aft…and I am going to go look for a new pair of shoes since Kohl’s has them 50% off….the ones I’m using now are starting to look worn….okay…need to have coffee and decide whether to get on the bike or not…more later….

June 15th

Well….running on time today and that’s even with doing the grocery run today….and I feel okay today if a little sore…did the entire 15 miles at full sprint yesterday and I’m not sure how that happened…must have been the three cups of coffee and the Black Sabbath that was playing in the ears….and eating enough the day before…not sure if I ate enough yesterday to make today a good ride but we’ll see….I did get to lay out and try to even out the biker tan yesterday and something pretty funny happened…I had my earbuds in and the cord left a white mark on my chest that looks like one of those Y-shaped autopsy scars you see on tv all the time…still laughing about that one….not much to do today….I am going to do the kitchen floor and cook some today…got some chicken thighs for 88 cents a pound this morning but I think I’ll do leftovers instead…more later….

June 14th

Well…running early today and I think it’s because I’m bored and couldn’t take just sitting here doing nothing…it was an okay day yesterday…didn’t get a lot done but I did get the bike fixed and got a nice, long ride in…tried to eat more yesterday and I may have been successful…have been exhausted the past few days and I hope that is past…..but it is still a struggle to get over 1500 calories for the day….not sure if I’m going to get out on the bike for a while since it looks like there are some small storms that are coming through in a few minutes and it is going to rain a lot in the next few days so there may be a day off the bike in there…so I’ll have to fill that time with cleaning…and I need to…not much to do today….and that’s true…more later….

An observation about old tv….

Well….after getting rid of the dish and having to rely on what channels that I can get on the antenna for most of the day, I noticed a weird thing….even though there are many well rated old tv shows on, the only ones I watch are the ones that I watched when they were not in re-runs….and I find that kind of funny…I mean “Good Times” was well rated and quite popular when I was young but I never watched it then and I have no desire to watch it now….and that pattern goes to many shows that have been extremely popular but I just never got into them…”Grey’s Anatomy” comes to mind or any of the “NCIS” series that have been on…have never watched any of those either and some of them were the most popular in their time…not sure what it all means but just an observation….

June 13th

Well…running really early today…started this one before 7 but the site has been a little hinky and I am just now getting it to work….slept okay last night, finally, and feel okay this morning….didn’t get a lot done yesterday and probably won’t today….I do need to cook since all of the leftovers are gone so it will be pork stir fry for lunch….I did put the air on for the first time last night since it was still 86 at 10 and I was dripping….still don’t want to run it all the time since I like the heat…hope I have the bike fixed and can get a trouble free ride in….need to do that soon since there may be some storms coming…I can hope anyway….more later….