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I guess I spoke too soon…

Well…if you were here yesterday, you noticed a little enthusiasm on my part that I was finally going to get out of here and be able to buy a house…well, that dream looks shattered now…just got off the phone with the mortgage broker and he informed me that since I have no recent credit history…a mortgage is not going to happen…just because I was able to pay my bills without credit cards or loans, I now don’t qualify for any loans…it doesn’t matter that I have paid my bills on time for my entire life…and it doesn’t matter I’ve paid rent here on time for 15 years, that I’ve paid all my bills on time…none of it matters…just that I haven’t borrowed any money in too long of a time…it doesn’t matter that I am coming in with 40K in cash…nothing matters but the damn credit score….I need a drink….

August 15th

Well…running really early today and it’s just because I got up so early….didn’t sleep too well last night with all the new stuff going on so I guess I’ll get used to it….was really sore all day yesterday and today is starting out the same…not sure how I hurt everything…even have pain in my sides that I never get….but, I think some ibuprofen should take car of that….even working on this without coffee as I wait for it to finish…and that’s really early….I am a little nervous about hearing from the mortgage broker today and finding out I don’t qualify for a loan…that would be crappy….I did talk to my oldest son for a couple of hours yesterday and that was nice…we are so much alike that is it a little weird….not much to do today….going to clean some but that is about it….going to make ham soup tomorrow since I need to stretch the food dollars for the next 6 weeks….just ran out of money so there will be a lot of cheap pasta and water for quite a while….more later….

A house….

Well…have been thinking about this for quite a while but today I got the process started to find and buy a house….I guess what spurred the whole thing is finding out my life insurance has 45K in cash value that I can use for a down payment….and I just talked to my brother the realtor and he is going to refer me to a mortgage broker he works with to get that process started…he is also setting up an automated search process that will e-mail me listings every day…just ran the numbers and on a 60K mortgage, the payment is 249 bucks a month…and even adding in the taxes, electric, heat, and internet, the payment is almost 100 bucks less than just my rent payment here….the only sticking point is that I’m just going to have my SS for income….I am getting excited to be moving on with my life….and, if I continue to live frugally, it can be a good one….and then I can work or not work….

August 14th

Well…running a little early today since I have been up for quite a while….slept okay last night but no dreams to speak of and that is a disappointment….my back has been good for the past few days and I’m not sure why…but I’ll take it…haven’t really had any pain and that is a good thing….I did get the shifter on the bike adjusted and it is working great again….but there is a huge squeak that I can’t find and that is really annoying….will have to try to fix that before I go out this morning…didn’t get anything done yesterday and I am feeling a little depressed this morning so I may not get anything done today, either….it’s not like I have that much to do….more later…..

August 13th

Well…running a little late today…almost forgot to do this before getting on the bike…slept okay last night but I know I didn’t eat enough so I’ll probably be out of energy by the time I get back…just haven’t felt like eating lately….didn’t get much done yesterday but I will have to do better today…the bathroom needs to be cleaned so I think I’ll try to do that today…I do need to get most things done before 11 when Man U plays…but the race doesn’t start til 3 so I’ll have some time after the match is over…I do have to adjust the fine shifting before I ride today but that shouldn’t take too much time…I hope anyway…..more later….

Some stuff….

Well…ave been having a nice day other than breaking a shift cable on the bike and having to ride it home with it in top gear….but, I have a new one on it already and it just needs fine adjustment…that needs to wait until the adhesive on the new shims dries….I did get my new case for the new phone and I really like it for 8 bucks…built really well and feels good in my hand…and now I don’t worry so much with dropping it…still don’t think it will protect like an otterbox but it is not as bulky, either….I did get some info from my life insurance company and found that my policy is much smaller than I thought…but, it does have 45 grand in cash value and I think I may cash it in and put a down payment on a house if I can find one for about 100K….that would make the payments only about 350 bucks a month…less than half what I’m paying in rent…maybe I’ll get my brother on finding me one….need to be out of here by November…that would be really cool……

August 12th

Well…running a little early today and I don’t care why…feel a little crappy today since I was not good last night….and I don’t care about that either….had a fun day yesterday with shooting pool and having the top down out and back….I think I won…but that will probably be the last one for a while….I should check the mega to see if anyone won…yep, someone in Illinois…darn….oh, well….I need coffee….one cool thing is the premier league starts again this morning and it’s nice to have something to run in the background as I do these…I am still geeked about getting a SD ticket yesterday for 39 bucks….should be a ton of fun….not much to do today….have to get a bike ride in but that is about it…..and cook….should clean the bathroom and I just might…but I might not…more later…

Steely Dan update…

Well…just on a whim, I decided to go out and look at ticketmaster again since people on Facebook were talking about cheap tickets….and there were! Got one for 39 bucks…it’s way in the back but in the front row of the section so no one will be in front of me…and it’s still closer than the lawn at Pine Knob….I am getting excited to go by myself and to not have to think about anyone else for the first time!

99 bucks for Steely Dan?

Well…I was really excited when it was announced that Steely Dan was coming to the VanAndel in October….I even went out to check ticket prices and saw that they were offering a 59 dollar ticket and thought that would be cool since there really are no bad seats there. But, this morning, I went out to check Ticketmaster and get signed on to get ready to buy a couple and the lowest price is now 99 bucks…now, if this was going to be the first time seeing them I’d pay it…and that would make it the most expensive concert ticket ever for me…but for the seventh time? Nope…the last time I saw them at Freedom Hill, the tickets were only 24 bucks for lawn seats and we were allowed to move into the 150 buck seats when a storm came through….I’m not going to rail against them for the tickets being so expensive…it’s just priced me out of the market is all….

August 11th

Well….got a pretty big surprise yesterday when I got an e-mail saying that Steely Dan is coming to the VanAndel here in GR…tickets go on sale today and I am going to try to get a pair…not sure why since I don’t have anyone to go with but I guess I could sell the second one…can’t really afford it but it would be cool to see SD here in town…had a pretty good day yesterday but didn’t get much done…and today looks the same….just don’t feel like doing much right now….don’t hurt too much today…no back pain or any other pain other than the normal stuff….I did make potato salad yesterday and got it pretty close to what I remember as a kid….I remember fishing with it on the hook…the bluegills loved it…I do have pool today and I am looking forward to it…haven’t driven the car at all in the past two weeks…more later….