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April 16th

Well…not sure if I’m running late or not but I guess it doesn’t matter…slept okay last night but feel a little strange today and I hope that goes away after I have coffee…it was a completely wasted day yesterday with the races and other sports on and today will be the same with going out for pool later…it was really a pain with all of the ice yesterday and today it’s going to snow more…I really can’t describe how depressing it is to have the highs be in the 30′s until wed…it is the middle of April, after all, and I need it to get warmer…but, it looks like the weather is going to break later in the week and even be in the 60′s next week….not sure if I’m going into shorts for the year next week or not but I don’t think I’ve ever waited until May….not much to do today…just need the coffee to work and then we’ll see how it goes…more later….

April 15th…continued….

Well…just took a look at the first one of the day and felt I needed to come back to add to it since it was so short….Just went out to clean the ice and snow off the car since the rain seems to be ending and it is warm enough for it to melt…just took some sheets of ice off it that are 3/8 to a half an inch thick and I am really damn tired of this crap…and it looks like I won’t be back on the bike until Wed since it is going to be cold enough that all this crap won’t melt off the trail until then… and, I’m sure I don’t like having to hibernate halfway through April….one good thing is my eyes seem to be better today and my allergies are not as bad as they were yesterday….the tv even looked blurry yesterday and that is a little concerning….okay, need to go back to the race so I’ll end this one here…I am going to do another one in a few minutes….

April 15th

Well…running really late today with having to melt the ice off the car so I could go out and get the paper…man, I’m getting damn tired of there being no spring this year…slept okay last night and don’t feel too bad this morning but I do feel like my allergies are going crazy…the effect has been terrible for my eyes with them being itchy and full of crap….didn’t do anything yesterday but cook and that looks like what will happen today, too….just a little depressed and unmotivated so I think I’ll just let the day flow a little with no thoughts of what I should do….there are a couple of races on this aft and Man U plays at 11 so I shouldn’t be too bored…..more later…..

April 14th

Well…easing into the day again and that makes me a little late today…slept in until 7:20 and just had my first sip of coffee….I like the days that I have fresh coffee and this is one of those…it was an okay day yesterday and I did get out to see K for a couple and it was the first time in a long time….have been in a lot lately and I do need to change that….how, I’m not sure but I’ll think about it…got a nice bike ride in but will be off it at least until Tuesday with the weather we are going to see…waiting for the ice storm to start and I hope I don’t lose power…supposed to get almost 3/4 of an inch of ice and, with the wind howling at 30 with 50 mph gusts, it could get ugly later….didn’t get much done yesterday and I am not motivated to do much today….will probably clean some in the kitchen or maybe get rid of some cobwebs but that will be about it…more later…

April 13th

Well…man, just can’t get started this morning…and there is really no reason for it…just feel slow and need to ease into things I guess….slept okay last night but lost an earplug overnight and couldn’t find it…but, that’s not unusual….I did get out and have a nice HH with T yesterday and had lots of fun….and I got out on the bike in shorts yesterday but it looks like I won’t get out again until Tuesday or so with the ice storm that is coming over the weekend…so, I think I’ll just hunker down, stay warm, and watch sports…..I did have the top down on the car yesterday and that was cool….but, it looks like a while before that will happen again….it is cool that I really don’t have to be anywhere….not much to do today…will probably clean some if I don’t get on the bike…the wind is already over 20 right now and I just don’t want to do that much work…..more later….

April 12th

Well….got the grocery run done on time today and now it’s time for news…but first, slept okay last night but feel a little warm this morning and I think I have a bug…didn’t feel that hot yesterday and that continues this morning…but, I am going to try to burn it out on the bike today…it is already almost 50 so I am going to get out in shorts in a few minutes….didn’t get a lot done yesterday but fixing the water pipe noises that have been bugging me for a week….and today looks like just a little light cleaning until I meet up with T later….my heel has been hurting the past few days but it doesn’t this morning and that is a little weird but I’ll take it….might even wash the car if it is going to dry up this morning…it needs it’s spring wax job but I’m not sure if I’m motivated enough to do that….more later…

April 11th

Well…it was an okay day yesterday but, again, I didn’t get much done and I’m okay with that…slept okay last night and had some really weird dreams that I really don’t know how to describe but they were fun…there was a government job for me, dogs, and lots of snow…but, I’m not sure there is a connection between all of them…I did get a nice bike ride in with no stocking hat, finally, and I may be able to do the same today…it looks like we have a couple of days of good weather and then back int he 30′s again…I am at the point where I am going to write off April as being a total loss for spring weather…so there will be more hunkering down and no shorts this month….I do have some things to do today but not much so it looks like another easy one for me….need more coffee and to see if anything happened in the news last night…more later….


Well….I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of ocular migraines, those zig zag, pulsating lines and stars that happen in your vision…usually before a migraine occurs but not always? Just had my first case in a couple of years and they have left me exhausted….I’m just glad they are normally benign and only last about 30 minutes….but it is weird having your vision appear like you’re looking through shattered glass…..and that no one knows the cause of them…just that they are not a symptom of of other underlying problems…and, I think my vision has gotten better in the hour or so after they ended….yow!

April 10th

Well….running a little early today and just didn’t sleep long enough….or well enough with being up and down all night…and I am feeling it right now….can’t remember being this tired in quite a while so it’s another one to ease into…it was an okay day yesterday and we tied at pool so that was cool….and it was nice to get out of here for the first time in a couple of weeks…I have been coughing for the past couple of days and I wonder if that is why I feel so tired….the allergies are in full swing already and that could have something to do with it, too….didn’t get anything done yesterday and I might today but that will take some motivation that I just don’t have right now….I think I was well under on calories yesterday so I am going to try to make that up today…the problem is that nothing even sounds good…it took a lot of work to just get through a couple of chicken thighs…I think I may have to vary my diet some to get around that…but, I’m not sure what that would be…..more later….

April 9th

Well….on time this morning and it really didn’t take any effort….slept okay last night but I’m feeling kind of slow today and I think I’ll ease into it today….not sore anywhere today and that is a little weird….we’ll see how I feel after I get on the bike later….the trails are still closed for tree removal and that is just annoying since they will be moving through Kentwood all the way to 44th street so it could be a week or more before they’re done….had to take a detour on the roads yesterday and I really don’t like that too much….the roads are pretty bad and, even with the suspension on the bike, it beats the crap out of me….didn’t get a lot done yesterday and today will probably be the same…I do need to run an errand this morning and then the normal workout and bike ride….more later…..