Since when is Warren Buffet in the middle class?

Well…we all know that the repubs lie all the time, every damn time they open their mouths it’s a lie…and that was the case with the tax cut scam that has been foisted on the American people. They have gone on an on about how much of the cuts will go to the middle class; that it’s primary benefit will go to the middle class…my question is since when is Warren Buffet in the middle class? Just yesterday, Buffet revealed how much his tax cut was from that odious piece of crap…29 billion dollars…yep, one person, one of the richest people in the world got a gift of 29 billion dollars from the cuts…I wonder what you got? I know I didn’t get a damn dime and analysis of the law found that companies and the rich got over 95% of the cuts….so, that leaves 5% for the rest of us…I wonder what 5% divided by 330 million people is? Not jack shit, and the lie that giving companies all that money would “trickle down” to higher wages…nope wrong again….only 3.5% of the tax cuts went into wages and most of them went to “bonuses” that are one time things…not a raise in wages that are permanent. The rest went to stockholders and owners just as it was designed to do….so when you look in your paycheck and see that extra buck fifty….remember the 29 billion and how the repubs screwed you….

A little food…

Well…sitting here watching the US in the gold medal game for curling and I though I’d do one on food since I haven’t really talked about that lately. Have been working on pickling some vegetables lately and I think I am becoming addicted to them…started out with pickled red onions that are great on brats…and basically anything else you put onion on….and yesterday, I used the same recipe (with added dill) to pickle some cukes that I sliced like regular dill pickles…the flavor came out great with the raw cuke taste being cut really well by the little bit of sugar that is added…just can’t stop eating them and that made me think of other veggies to pickle. So, either today or tomorrow, I am going to pickle some carrots since I have a three pound bag that needs to be used….not sure about the carrots but I’ve give anything a try if it will help me eat more veggies…and I can use some of the 40 quart jars that are just sitting around here….

February 24th

Well…running late again today with not getting up until 7:30…and I feel pretty crappy today with the new bug I’m fighting….that started yesterday afternoon with feeling warm and coughing but I’m going to have to wait until later to see how bad it is…I have an infection on my right arm that is concerning me…have been hitting it with neosporin since last night and I hope it doesn’t turn into something I have to go to the doctor for…just looks really weird and I’m not sure what is going on….slept okay last night and had some weird dreams again but I really don’t remember them…that’s a pity since I have a feeling they were weird enough to write about….only one more day until I order the new bike and I am getting a little excited about that…it’s been 9 years since I had a new one and that is too damn long….more later…

Just don’t feel like it….

Well…have been thinking about one to do in politics today but I just don’t feel like it…so, I think I’ll just float around in a while and see what happens….I did get a nice ride in today in lightweight thermasuit with a regular hat today and that made the ride much more fun…still had to fight the wind again and that was brutal but I can feel that I am already improving in just the second day…but, my lungs are not happy with me so I guess that will take some time…and I am SORE everywhere so I think I’ll take some ibuprofen later….only two more days until I order the new bike and I can’t wait to get a suspension under me again….even with only being off the bike for a month, I had forgotten how the ride of the old bike is such a bonecrusher….and that makes it hard to go fast since every bump is transmitted right through to my back…okay, need to go check the mail to see if my fed check is here…..

February 23rd

Well…I think I’m about on time today and I even got up a little late…..I think I even slept okay but I have a cough this morning and I hope it’s not a coming attraction of the flu….I did get out on the bikeĀ  yesterday and it was just pure torture with the wind blowing almost 20 out of the East….I wonder if that is why my lungs are screaming at me this morning? But my legs are not too sore so I’ll take it…and it looks like I’ll be able to get out again today but it will have to wait until later since it is raining right now and I want to wash the mud off the car from the trip to C’s….so today looks like it will start off a little slow and I don’t mind that…I wasn’t good last night and didn’t watch any Olympics…just getting kind of tired of them but I am watching this morning since there is nothing on in the morning….not much to do today….just need more coffee and to veg a little until I feel better…more later…

Let’s stop the NRA nonsense of arming teachers…

Well…yesterday, the idiot trump, under prompting by the NRA (or is it under orders from the NRA?) proposed that the solution to school massacres is to arm every teacher in the US since “the only solution to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” to quote the NRA. Yeah, there are a few huge problems with that…the first is that, once the shooting starts, the teachers will certainly be outgunned since there is no crazy assed proposal to give all of them an AR-15, the murder weapon of choice for school shooters, and second, according to sheriffs across the country, is that in an active shooter situation they don’t know who the good guy is so any teacher responding would be just as likely to be killed by the police than by the terrorist. This whole fallacy that “good guys with guns” can take down bad guys with guns was proven by the attack on St. Ronnie of Reagan when his 12 good guys with guns (the Secret Service) couldn’t stop the one “bad guy with a gun” that shot him three times before anyone could wrestle him to the ground. This whole nonsense is just a ploy to change the conversation away from gun control and getting rid of some of the 300 million guns in this country to how can they sell more guns and continue to normalize them in every facet of our lives….even the conservative police departments across this country don’t want more guns…they even want to end open carry and concealed carry since it makes life more dangerous for them…but, the NRA doesn’t give a shit…they just want to sell, sell, sell….geez….

February 22nd

Well….it’s Thursday and that means I’m running late as always…had an okay day yesterday but being in the car for 3 hours made it a long one…but, it was nice to see C after a few months and get to play with Ren a little…slept okay last night and don’t feel too badly today but I have been up since 5:30 and that will probably catch up to me later in the day, but I had to get up to watch Canada and the US in curling…and that’s still on now….I may be able to get out on the old bike for almost the last time today but the temp needs to come up some with there being ice all over this morning…but, that won’t be until after noon and I am going to clean some until then since they are coming to check on the water tomorrow…and I’m not sure why that is but oh, well….need to get some pork loin in a marinade for tomorrow but back to curling and coffee right now….more later…

This is too damn funny….

Well…it has been a busy day today with lots of traveling but, after I read this one, I had to do just a short one on this. Okay, buried the lede again…not sure if you saw it or not but twitter went crazy today getting rid of the bots that infest the site…and since most of them were supporting the right wing assholes that also infest the site, they went crazy today screaming “censorship” since they didn’t have any bots reinforcing their right wing assholery. But, the funniest thing was that the idiot trump went from 49 million followers to 14, and Twitter revealed that all of his “followers” were from a Macedonian bot farm whose full time job was to support trump…and now he is left with his idiot family as his only followers…and that makes me wonder why Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell or any other repubs don’t follow the idiot…could it be that they realize how ridiculous he is? And how worthless that anything that comes out of his mouth or out of his twitter account is….the poor baby must just be crushed tonight…cripes, I have more followers on Twitter than he has…and that make me laugh out loud…impeach….

It was a coup d’etat…

Well….with what we know now about the Russian’s attack on this country, it is clear that the Russians were successful in plotting and executing a coup d’etat in the US. With this coup, they have successfully installed the least qualified person in the world to be president here, and, when you look back in history, this really doesn’t look very much different from the many other coups that were done by Russia in the 50′s through the 90′s…although the earlier ones were done by military intervention instead of cyber manipulation of the electorate….the goal was similar, to ensure that an easily manipulated stooge was installed to sow chaos across the target country. The only question left to answer is what are the repubs going to do about it? When will they “protect the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic” as they all pledged to do when they took their oath of office…yeah, right…never…impeach….

February 21st

Well…running a little early today since I got up early and I’m heading to Mt. P around 8:30….need to do a little business up there and I hope the roads haven’t frozen up too badly with all of the rain the past few days…slept okay last night and don’t feel too badly today…still think I have allergy problems but they’re not that bad so I can live with it…but the stuffy head is getting a little annoying….I am looking forward to getting out on the bike tomorrow with the rain cleaning the trails and it going to get to over 40…and it looks like no snow for the rest of the month so I can get out almost every day…then I can start eating again and get my system back working again…not much to do today…just the drive up and back that will mean 3 hours in the car today…..then back to normal tomorrow….more later….

What you never want to be….