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Mail in ballot fraud is a lie…a big lie..

Well…as you’ve seen for the past fifty years, the go to whine of the repub party is that there is “widespread” voter fraud and they have taken this lie to use it to make sure that eligible voters (that vote democratic) can’t vote by shutting down polling stations, voter ID laws, and lies….but their latest, that mail in voting is rife with fraud and can’t be relied on is just them lying again to try to make sure that only their motivated voters will be able to have their votes counted. We even had Bill Barr this week lying his ass off that there has been “massive voter fraud” associated with mail in ballots and that other countries can just print off fake ballots and send them in to skew the vote. First, I have been taking advantage of Michigan’s no reason absentee voting this year and I can tell you that there is tight control over who gets ballots and how they are handled when you send them in…each ballot has a registration number that applies to that ballot alone and a barcode that has my information on it…and if those two don’t match, the ballot is invalid…so how could a foreign country do that kind of  a match? They can’t…they could print up a ballot but unless they have a spy in every precinct stealing the information, there is no way they can get past the security measures in place here. The second thing that would prevent mass cheating by a foreign country (or the repubs) is that every town, city, and township in Michigan and across the country has it’s own ballot that include local issues like school funding and millages along with local elections like sheriffs and water commissioners, etc. so anyone trying to mass effect the mail in ballots would have to print the exact ballot of every entity that is holding an election…it’s not just one generic ballot. But, Barr knows this and he is cynically stoking this uncertainty since he also knows that trump is so far behind the only chance he has is to use the entire government to cheat…and we all know they have no problem lying, cheating, and stealing every damn day. It is heartening to see the immediate pushback from Secretary of States across the country calling this fraud claim a bald faced lie…it’s never happened before…ever… and now we need the media to tell the truth that they are lying and take this weapon away from them….