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No so fast Uber….

Well….the ceo of Uber today announced he was leaving the position of advisor to the trump administration, saying that he didn’t want his helping trump to be seen as endorsing trump or his agenda…and now you can start laughing….he was perfectly fine with trump until the illegal immigration order that hurt Uber’s business when they tried to take advantage of a taxi strike in New York….what a disingenuous load of crap….the ceo, Travis Kalanick, is backpedaling so fast his shoes are smoking and it is only that he is losing money from the #deleteuber movement…not that he doesn’t agree with Trump and probably voted for him….as the rest of the assholes who have anything to do with this racist, white supremacy driven administration….you just can’t take things back when you were perfectly fine with trump and never said a word before the election…so, still delete your Uber app and use Lyft instead….

Let’s start by boycotting Uber….

Well…as part of the resistance to the trump regime, we need to stop doing business with any of the companies whose ceo’s are cozying up to trump and his minions…I don’t have a complete list yet but I will try to get one over the next few days just to make it easier for me and you to do something to hurt these assholes who think it’s perfectly fine to have a racist idiot in the white house. So, let’s start by boycotting Uber…whose ceo is one of trump’s corporate “advisors” and who took advantage of the NY taxi strike in solidarity to the protesters against trump’s racist immigration order….delete your Uber app and use Lyft instead..Lyft donated a million dollars for lawyers to protect the innocent immigrants that were illegally detained by trump and his minions….let’s make Uber pay for supporting trump….